Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2019

If the title is bold then I have completed this challenge!!! I got this from pop sugar and it has been super fun so far!

A book becoming a movie in 2019: Chaos Walking

A book that makes you Nostalgic: Harry Potter book 7

A book written by Musician: ???

A book you think should be turned into a movie:

A book that has one million rating on goodreads:

A book with a plant in the title or on the cover: The Burning maze

Re-read a Favorite book: Cress

A book about a hobby: Joanne Fuka new book

A book with pop, sugar or challenge in the title: Love Sugar and Magic

A book with a piece of clothing or accessory on the cover: Sadie

A book inspired by mythology: Storm runner, Dragon pearl, Aru shaw, Rick riordan

A book published after death: ?

A book set in space: They undying by Ami and Meghan

A book by two female authors: The Undying

A book with sweet, in the title: ?

A book that takes place over a single day: ?

A debut novel: Wicked Saints or ???

A book that is published in 2019: Circle of Shadows

A book featuring a imaginary creature: Dragon watch book 2

A book rec by celebrity: ?

A book with love in the title ?

A book about a amateur detective: Truly Devious

A book by author from Asia, Africa, South America:

A book you see someone reading on t.v/movie:

A retelling of a classic: Cinderella Dress or emma Burning

A book with a question in the title:

A book set on college or university campus:

A book about someone with a superpower: Wonder women/ Flash/ Super girl

A book told from several POV:

A book with a wedding: All for one by Sarah Dessen

Author first and last name start first letter: Next Rick Riordan book

A ghost story: Victora swab middle grade

Two word title: Dream Fall 

A novel based around a true story ?

A novel about a puzzle or a game Truly Devious 

Past prompt a book about time travel: