Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2018

If the title is bold then I have completed this challenge!!! I got this from pop sugar and it has been super fun so far!

Read Book before movie: Everything everting or wonder

Next Book in Series: Queen of Shadows, Fire blood or Lady Midnight

Book about a heist: Gallagher girls book 2

Novel inspired by a real person: Heart of Iron

Country cool to you: proof of lies 

Time of day in title: Dark before the dawn

Book about a Villain: The young elites and or forest of 1000 lanterns

Book about Grief: Chaos of Standing still

Alliteration: Posion Princess

Color in title: Deep blue

Weather element in title: Frost Fire

Time Travel: Ruby Red

Book Set at sea: To kill a Kingdom 

Animal in title: White Rabbit 

Book Set on a different planet: Zenith 

Song Lyric in title: The hate that we give

Halloween Setting: Plain Jane

Twins: Lands of Stories or Crash Into you

Female Writing under a make name: Gathering of Shadows

LGBTQ Story: Ship It 

Stage play: How to hang a witch

Author that is a different ethnicity then you: #prettyboymustdie 

Feminism Moxie or Rebel with a cupcake*

Mental Health: Fangirl or Things I am seeing without you

Borrowed or gift: Batman

Two Authors Obessio

A book about sports: Chassing the impossible or After the shot drops

Local Author: Adam silvar or Truly devious

Book Mentioned in another book: Harry potter _____________

Former good reads winner: Magnus chase and the ship of the dead

Child hood classic: Wrinkle in time and the second one in that series

Book Published in 2018: Honor among thieves 

Book for a decade I was born in: Midnight arcade 

2017 book I still need to read: Love life and the list 

Book takes place in a library: Archived

Cyper Punk: Legend or Wildcard

saw a stranger reading in a public place: Biggest little lies

A book written by a author with the first name as you: Ash Princess

Mirco History erik larson

A book somebody rec to you: to all the boys i love before

True crime: Erick Larson

Librarian choice: Tiffany read !

Heritage: Lies that bind or love and gelato *

Fruit or veggie in title: Peaches