The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge (Non-Spoiler Review)

The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge  by M.T. Anderson and Eugene Yelchin


Published by Candlewick; Illustrated edition on September 25, 2018

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy

Pages: 544

Format: BEA

Source: ARC

2018 challenge:

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I would give this book 4 for a review.


Uptight elfin historian Brangwain Spurge is on a mission: survive being catapulted across the mountains into goblin territory, deliver a priceless peace offering to their mysterious dark lord, and spy on the goblin kingdom — from which no elf has returned alive in more than a hundred years. Brangwain’s host, the goblin archivist Werfel, is delighted to show Brangwain around. They should be the best of friends, but a series of extraordinary double crosses, blunders, and cultural misunderstandings throws these two bumbling scholars into the middle of an international crisis that may spell death for them — and war for their nations. Witty mixed media illustrations show Brangwain’s furtive missives back to the elf kingdom, while Werfel’s determinedly unbiased narrative tells an entirely different story. A hilarious and biting social commentary that could only come from the likes of National Book Award winner M. T. Anderson and Newbery Honoree Eugene Yelchin, this tale is rife with thrilling action and visual humor . . . and a comic disparity that suggests the ultimate victor in a war is perhaps not who won the battles, but who gets to write the history.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book. I really loved how this book was structure through both novel and graphic novel. I found the different narrative told so interesting and it really made me read this book quickly. I really enjoyed both main characters. I also enjoyed the world that was created for this novel and how fantasy it was but also how it handled issues like policies, history and winters and losers. I really enjoyed this book and hope to read more by this author in the future.


First Line Friday: BloodLeaf by Crystal Smith!!!

So I am really enjoying my current read! And I want to share the first line with you!!



First Line:

” The gallows had been erected in the shadows of the clock tower, partly so that spectators could witness the executions without the nuisance of the sun in their eyes and partly so that the Tribunal could keep its killings on precise schedule. Order in all things that was the Tribunal moto.”


Princess Aurelia is a prisoner to her crown and the heir that nobody wants. Surrounded by spirits and banned from using her blood-magic, Aurelia flees her country after a devastating assassination attempt. To escape her fate, Aurelia disguises herself as a commoner in a new land and discovers a happiness her crown has never allowed. As she forges new bonds and perfects her magic, she begins to fall for a man who is forbidden to rule beside her. But the ghosts that haunt Aurelia refuse to abandon her, and she finds herself succumbing to their call as they expose a nefarious plot that only she can defeat. Will she be forced to choose between the weight of the crown and the freedom of her new life?

Author Information:

Crystal Smith is a writer, photographer, and artist who developed an early love of storytelling in a family of voracious readers. She resides in Utah with her high school sweetheart husband and two lively sons. When she isn’t writing or creating, she can be found re-watching Jane Eyre and Howl’s Moving Castle or reading ghost stories with all the lights on.

Book Information:

  • Series: The Bloodleaf Trilogy (Book 1)
  • Hardcover: 384 pages
  • Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers (March 12, 2019)

Let me know if this book is on your radar to read!
later book lovers!!!

Throw Back TBR: Goose Girl!!

I recently finished another book inspired by the goose girl and because of that, I want to tackle this retelling my Shannon Hale!!




In this beloved first book in the Books of Bayern, from New York Times bestselling author Shannon Hale, Princess Ani must become a goose girl before she can become queen. Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee, Crown Princess of Kildenree, spends the first years of her life listening to her aunt’s stories and learning the language of the birds, especially the swans. As she grows up, Ani develops the skills of animal speech, but she never feels quite comfortable speaking with people. So when Ani’s mother sends her away to be married in a foreign land, she finds herself at the mercy of her silver-tongued lady in waiting, who leads a mutiny that leaves her alone, destitute, and fleeing for her life. To survive, Ani takes on work as a royal goose girl, hiding in plain sight while she develops her forbidden talents and works to discover her own true, powerful voice. The first book in master storyteller Shannon Hale’s beloved Books of Bayern series is equal parts fantastical and romantic, with an unforgettable protagonist to root for at its center.

Author Information:

New York Times best selling author Shannon Hale started writing books at age ten and never stopped, eventually earning an MFA in Creative Writing. After nineteen years of writing and dozens of rejections, she published The Goose Girl, the first in her award-winning Books of Bayern series. She has published 20+ books for young readers including the Newbery Honor winner Princess Academy and its two sequels, multiple award winner Book of a Thousand Days, the first four Ever After High books, and graphic novel memoir Real Friends. Her novels for the adult crowd include Austenland (now a major motion picture starring Keri Russell). Shannon and her husband Dean Hale have collaborated on several projects, such as Eisner-nominee Rapunzel’s Revenge; early chapter book series The Princess in Black; a novel about the unbeatable Marvel superhero, Squirrel Girl; and the first ever meeting between Ever After High and Monster High: The Legend of Shadow High. They spend non-writing hours corralling their four young children near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Book Information:

  • Series: Books of Bayern (Book 1)
  • Paperback: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens; New edition (July 25, 2017)

Let me know if this fairy tale book is on your TBR in the comments!!


TFW: Short Train Reads

So due to my new job. I have a really long commute and because I have that. I tend to to like to read short reads on the train because I tend to get through them quickly. The following reads are no more then 300 pages!

  1. The Circle Opens (Magic Steps)
  2. Catch a Falling Star
  3. On the Fence
  4. The Lonely Hearts Club
  5. Waiting for Tom Hanks
  6. The Library of Ever

Tell me in the comments what are some shorter reads That I could add to this list!

Later book lovers!

What I am reading monday!

I am actually hoping to again have a better reading week this week and a much better listing week as well! I did a bit better last week but still not great. Wonka is stealing my time but I have been enjoying my reads!

What I finished reading!!


I thought this was a solid sequel to the first book and loved the new setting and also how this book expanded the world and really liked the mystery in this novel!

What I am currently reading!!!


I am really loving this read so much! It is a such a quick read and I am loving the world building in this novel. Iff you like the books like the shadow queen, I would check out this read!

What I want to read next!!


I have had this book so long, and I hope I really like it!

I am also listing to Heir of fire by Sarah J Mass!!

Let me know what you read last week, or what you hope to read this week!


The Art of Losing (Arc Review)

The Art of Losing  by Lizzy Mason


Published by Soho Teen on February 19, 2019

Genres: Young Adult, contemporary

Pages: 336

Format: arc

Source: bea

2018 challenge: na

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I would give this book 5 for a review.


The Art of Losing is a compelling debut that explores issues of addiction, sisterhood, and loss.

On one terrible night, 17-year-old Harley Langston’s life changes forever. At a party she discovers her boyfriend, Mike, hooking up with her younger sister, Audrey. Furious, she abandons them both. When Mike drunkenly attempts to drive Audrey home, he crashes and Audrey ends up in a coma. Now Harley is left with guilt, grief, pain and the undeniable truth that her now ex-boyfriend has a drinking problem. So it’s a surprise that she finds herself reconnecting with Raf, a neighbor and childhood friend who’s recently out of rehab and still wrestling with his own demons. At first Harley doesn’t want to get too close to him. But as her sister slowly recovers, Harley begins to see a path forward with Raf’s help that she never would have believed possible—one guided by honesty, forgiveness, and redemption.

My Thoughts:

I really adored this read. I thought this book was a prefect emotional read that dealt with issues that plague teens like romance, sister realtionships, love and grief and forgiveness. I really adored the lead character in this book. I also enjoyed how lizzy crafted some complex characters even though this book focused on Harley POV. I also was super impressed with the structure of this novel and the the use of the flashbacks to flesh out this novel. I really adored this novel and hope to read by this author in the future. If you are looking for books like Katie McGary then check out this emotional read that really gripped me from page one.

Throw Back Arc TBR!!!! Black Wings Beating!!

In honor of BEA coming up fast I am featuring some older arcs that I still really want to read. Let me know your non-spoiler thoughts in the comments or if you are also excited to read them in the comments!!




The people of Uztar have long looked to the sky with hope and wonder. Nothing in their world is more revered than the birds of prey and no one more honored than the falconers who call them to their fists.

Brysen strives to be a great falconer―while his twin sister, Kylee, rejects her ancient gifts for the sport and wishes to be free of falconry. She’s nearly made it out, too, but a war is rolling toward their home in the Six Villages, and no bird or falconer will be safe.

Together the twins must journey into the treacherous mountains to trap the Ghost Eagle, the greatest of the Uztari birds and a solitary killer. Brysen goes for the boy he loves and the glory he’s long craved, and Kylee to atone for her past and to protect her brother’s future. But both are hunted by those who seek one thing: power.

In this first young-adult fantasy novel in a trilogy, Alex London launches a soaring saga.

Book Information:

  • Series: The Skybound Saga (Book 1)
  • Hardcover: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) (September 25, 2018)

Author Information:

Alex London writes books for adults, children and teens. At one time a journalist who traveled the world reporting from conflict zones and refugee camps, he now is a full time novelist living in Philadelphia. You can visit Alex London at

February book Haul!!

So I have tried to curved my book buying and I have been trying to limit my book buying  but here are the books I bought in late January and all of February!!!

Book Haul!

  1. The Vanishing Stair
  2. Everless
  3. Wicked King
  4. Wings of Olympus (arc)
  5. Lady Smoke
  6. The Undying
  7. Fame Fate and the first Kiss (arc)
  8. Night Music (arc)
  9.  Waiting for Tom Hanks (arc)
  10. Into the Wind (arc)
  11. Finding Orian (arc)
  12. Hot dog girl (arc)
  13. Unatural disasters (arc)
  14. The Last of her name (arc)

Let me know in the comments what are some books you got this  month that you are the most excited about!!

later book lovers!

What I am reading Monday!!!

I Just did not have the best reading week. I got really caught up in my production I am putting on and I hope to make much more reading progress this week

What I finished reading!!


I really liked the structure of this novel and found the world building to be so much fun and found this was easy way to explain history and the politics to kids. I really enjoyed this read.

What I am currently reading!!


I am really enjoying these two read!!! I hope to finish both these early this week!!

What I want to read next!!


I am really excited to this fairy tale retelling that I got from NYCC and I hope I really like it!

Let me know what you hope to read this week!!

Later book lovers!



End of The Lie: (Blog Tour Excerpts)!!!!


End of the Lie  by Diana Rodriquez Wallach

Published by Entangled: Teen on March 4, 2019

Genres: Young Adult, Thriller

Pages: 253

Format: e-arc

Source: Publisher

2019 challenge: N/A

Buy on AmazonBarnes & Noble, Goodreads


With her harrowing tale of espionage and near death experiences finally out in the open, Anastasia Phoenix thought things would be better. That she and her friends had outsmarted Department D, the criminal empire her parents helped create.

She thought wrong.

Former friends have turned to enemies, causing more innocent lives to get swept up into the dangerous world her parents created. Now it’s up to Anastasia to stop the damage before anyone else gets hurt—or worse. She embarks on a treacherous trail from Poland to Prague, and old rivals emerge at every turn. But when the final confrontation occurs, will she be too late to protect the ones she loves… or even herself?


KEIRA IRENE PHOENIX [Looking directly into the camera. Footage released by Phillip Stone Media, Inc.]“Hi. My name is Keira Phoenix, and I am the daughter of international criminals. In May, I was kidnapped by a man named Craig Bernard who, at the time, I thought was my boyfriend. We had met weeks before at a bar in Boston. The anniversary of my parents’ death had just passed, so I was upset when he showed up, acting nice. [She scoffs, rolling her eyes.] I invited him to a party I was hosting, then later that night he drugged me and took me from my home.

“I don’t remember the abduction—one minute I was in my bed, the next I’m waking up on an airplane, my head pounding and my hands bound together with plastic cable ties. [She rubs her wrists.] I was held captive in Italy for months, by armed guards, and I had no idea why. Eventually, I learned that Craig Bernard and all of the men involved in my kidnapping used to work for my parents. Only not as engineers for the Dresden Chemical Corporation. They were spies. All of them, especially my mom and dad. It turns out that my parents, along with Randolph Urban, CEO of Dresden, conspired to create a criminal enterprise known as Department D, which stretches back long before I was born. We have photographic proof that my parents were involved in the assassination of Italy’s Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978, and we have a journal, in my father’s handwriting, and eyewitness testimony that proves he was involved in the fake terrorist plot that defamed nearly a half dozen Islamic women in London two years ago along with the reporter who covered the story, Julian Stone.

“I believe I was taken by enemies of my parents as payback for their past criminal activity. Evidence of my time in captivity is undeniable. [For the camera, Phoenix holds up a proof of life photo with a church bulletin, and a posed photo of her body in the trunk of a car.] I was rescued by my sister, Anastasia, and her friends, who acted alone,because the Boston P.D. refused to listen to them, for reasons none of us understand. After my rescue, my sister, her friends, and I made statements to Italian law enforcement and the CIA, and I was instructed to stay in hiding for my own protection. But I was never safe. No one around us is safe. Tyson Westbrook, a seventeen-year-old friend of my sister’s, was murdered recently as a way to get to us, to lure me and Anastasia out of hiding. When that didn’t work, when we continued to fight, these people poisoned one us—Marcus Rey, son of Dresden executives Carlos and Rosario Rey.

“They’re picking us off one by one, and we don’t know how high up the corruption goes. Our parents were hired by world leaders to create propaganda for decades. Now these same people are covering up theircrimes against us—including kidnapping, poisoning, and murder. They’re trying to silence us, take us out, and prevent us from exposing the truth behind Department D and its shell corporation, Dresden Chemical.

“We won’t stay silent anymore.

“We won’t stay in hiding.

“And we won’t trust law enforcement to act on our behalf.

“That’s why I’m coming forward now. I’m telling mystory, in my own words. I need the world to know what’s going on, so hopefully no one else gets hurt.

“I’ve learned a lot about my parents recently, and you will, too, over the coming weeks. They did a lot of bad things. I know that. And they might even still be alive. [She cocks her head.] I’ve heard the rumors, like you, but I swear, if they are, I haven’t seen them.

“However, I am certain that the only way my sister and I will ever be safe is if we bring down the Dresden Chemical Corporation and its corrupt underbelly, Department D. We need to take back our lives and stop paying for crimes we didn’t commit.

“My name is Keira Phoenix and I survived Department D. But will you?”

I really hope to tackle this read soon!

I really loved the first book in this series and excited to  see how this story ends!!

Later book lovers!!