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I am going to spend today making posting some fun photos!

That I hope you will check me out!

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The wood: Non-Spoiler review (arc review)

The Wood  by  Chelsea Bobulski


Published by  Feiwel & Friends on August 1, 2017

Genres: Young Adult, Time travel,


Format: Arc

Source: Blogger con

amazon  barnes and noble  goodreads


I would give this book 3.5 for a review.

An enchanted wood poisoned at the roots. A girl bound by an inherited duty. And the lost traveler from another time who might help her uncover the truth.

From debut author Chelsea Bobulski comes The Wood, a YA novel filled with dark mystery and atmospheric fantasy.

Winter didn’t ask to be the guardian of the wood, but when her dad inexplicably vanishes, she’s the one who must protect travelers who accidentally slip through the wood’s portals.

The wood is poisoned, changing into something more sinister. Once brightly colored leaves are now bubbling inky black. Vicious creatures that live in the shadows are becoming bolder, torturing lost travelers. Winter must now put her trust in Henry—a young man from eighteenth century England who knows more than he should about the wood—in order to find the truth and those they’ve lost.

Bobulski’s beautiful and eerie young adult debut, is a haunting tale of friendship, family, and the responsibilities we choose and those we do not.

My Thoughts:

*I would give this book 3.5 stars*
I also got this book from blogger con!

I really enjoyed this book. I thought the atmosphere of this book was prefect for this time of year. It was nice balance between time travel novel and just supernatural book overall. I thought the world building for the novel was done in easy to understand way. I really did enjoy all the characters but I loved henry a lot. The book had some predictable twists but some other were so well done. I thought the end of the book was rushed and would have loved more explanation at the end or even an epilogue. It was prefect fall read and def put him the fall mood.

What I am reading Monday!!!

So this week I had a bad cold and fell off my bike and busted my hand and my knees so I have been so sore but good news I got a lot of reading done because I did not feel like moving much! It was struggle figuring out what to read because of comic con!

What I have Read:

I really liked this as a conclusion to the series of Kat and her crew story! I  just really loved it so much and am excited to read the last novella in this series. I loved this crew so much and love the heist that they participated in!

I thought this was a great fall read! I thought it was creepy but not to scary. I also really loved how time travel was used in the novel! i gained a cute new book boyfriend as well! A great fall read!

What I am currently reading!

This was my top book I needed at comic con! I was so happy to snag it and I am really enjoying it so far!

What I want to read next!

This sounds like a great and creepy fall read! I hope I get to it soon! I have heard good things!

This was the owl crate book for august! I have heard very good things and again it is great halloween/fall read!

What I am listening too!

I am making some serious progress on  city of heavenly fire!

When I am done with that i will start harry potter 4!

Let me know what you have been reading!

Later book lovers!



Perfect Scoundrels non-spoiler review


Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

Published by  Disney Hyperion (February 5, 2013)

Genres: Young Adult, contemporary, mystery

Pages: 336

Format: hardback

Source: Library

amazon barnes and noble goodreads

I would give this book 4 for a review.


Katarina Bishop and W.W. Hale the fifth were born to lead completely different lives: Kat comes from a long, proud line of loveable criminal masterminds, while Hale is the scion of one of the most seemingly perfect dynasties in the world. If their families have one thing in common, it’s that they both know how to stay under the radar while getting—or stealing—whatever they want. No matter the risk, the Bishops can always be counted on, but in Hale’s family, all bets are off when money is on the line. When Hale unexpectedly inherits his grandmother’s billion dollar corporation, he quickly learns that there’s no place for Kat and their old heists in his new role. But Kat won’t let him go that easily, especially after she gets tipped off that his grandmother’s will might have been altered in an elaborate con to steal the company’s fortune. So instead of being the heir—this time, Hale might be the mark. Forced to keep a level head as she and her crew fight for one of their own, Kat comes up with an ambitious and far-reaching plan that only the Bishop family would dare attempt. To pull it off, Kat is prepared to do the impossible, but first, she has to decide if she’s willing to save her boyfriend’s company if it means losing the boy

My Thoughts:

I loved this ending so much. I was really impressed by this ending and also the heist. I just loved how side characters became a focus and also all the hi-jynx along the way. I think Kat is one of my favorite ally carter characters. I was so impressed by this story and some parts really suprised me. It was such a fun fast read. I rec. this series if you love heist book but also strong females 🙂

DreamFall by Amy Plum non-spoiler review

Dream Fall by Amy Plum

Reviewed by Sarah

Published by  HarperCollins Publisher on May 2, 2017

Genres: Young Adult, contemporary, Science fiction

Pages: 288

Format: Hardback

Source: Library

Amazon barnes and noble  Goodreads

I would give this book 3.5 for a review.


A Nightmare on Elm Street meets Inception in this gripping psychological thriller from international bestselling author Amy Plum. Seven teenagers who suffer from debilitating insomnia agree to take part in an experimental new procedure to cure it because they think it can’t get any worse. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

When the lab equipment malfunctions, the patients are plunged into a terrifying dreamworld where their worst nightmares have come to life—and they have no memory of how they got there. Hunted by monsters from their darkest imaginations and tormented by secrets they’d rather keep buried, these seven strangers will be forced to band together to face their biggest fears. And if they can’t find a way to defeat their dreams, they will never wake up.

Dreamfall is perfect for fans of dark and edgy young adult novels from authors like Danielle Vega, Natasha Preston, Kendare Blake, and Madeleine Roux. It is the first book in a spine-tingling duology full of action, suspense, and horror that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seat until the very last page.

My Thoughts:

I found this book to be interesting. I liked the premise, which is what intrigued me to pick this book up in the first place. The story is pretty fast paced, and I ket reading because I wanted to know what nightmare the characters would end up in next. Also how they were going to get out of their predicament. There were three POV’s in the story. Two of the POV’s were patients in the experiment and the third was an observer on the outside.I liked that you got to see both sides of the experiment and what was going on inside the patients heads and also to their bodies.  I like all the the characters gave their point of view of the story. All of the characters had characteristics that were likable and some that were not so much, like anyone. This story does deal a little with mental heath issues like anxiety and PTSD, and others. I think that is good when such diverse characters are included in a book as such things need to be acknowledged in more books. The main reason for mr taking stars away from the story is I figured out the main plot twists way before they were revealed in the story, which took away from the book a little. I will definitely read the second book to find out how the story concludes, since it left off on a bit of a cliff hanger. I would recommend this book to people who like a creepy/scary (but not to scary) story. It is a good read for this time of year.

NYCC Saturday haul!

I felt so much better on saturday but sadly one of my friends was so sick and had to miss the whole day! She was better the following day but she was missed! In addition to all the books we got I also got to see my book friend from book con and give her some books I was able to get for her!


  1. Tempests and Saluter
  2. My lady choosing
  3. Defy the worlds
  4. black star renegades
  5. Daughter of siren queen
  6. People like us
  7. Daughter of the storm
  8. Honor among thieves
  9. children of blood and bone

Let me know in the comments what I should read first

Later book lovers!





Top Five Wed: Favorite Creepy Settings

So I really like this theme! These are some of the creepy setting in book I hope to dive into this fall! They all seem creepy and I am in the mood now that we are in the fall!

  1. Summer on the easy end Triple Moon: Melissa de la cruz
  2. Born Wicked
  3. Hearts we sold
  4. Stalking jack the ripper
  5. Hazlewood!

Let me know in the comments what books should I add to my TBR!

Later book lovers!




Sunday NYCC Haul

The last day we all my friends back together again. We also did go to some panels to snag some free books and that worked. I also bought many things because of sales but IT was so much fun and I just loved it!


The program

The great hunt

Frost blood

the rest of us just live here


mirror sisters

Ship it

Reign of shadows

The mad wolf daughter


Let me know in the comments what books I should read first!

later book lovers!







Top Ten Tuesday: Books With Fall/Autumn Covers/Theme

So typically in the Fall I read a lot of mysteries and magic books and middle grade books! I am going to tell you all some of the books I am hoping to read this month based around these themes. These are also books I hope to read in general this fall!

  1. Frost Blood by Elly Black
  2. The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski
  3. The adventures Guild by Zach Loran Clark and Nick Elliplous
  4. Invictus by Ryan Graudin
  5. Bonfire by Krysten Ritter
  6. the darkest part of the forest by holly black
  7. Serphanie Racheal Hartman
  8. The freemason Daughter
  9. The Cresswell Plot by Eliza Wass
  10. Blood Rose Rebellion by Roslyn Eves


These are just some of the books in the my favorite fall types of books that I hope to read this fall!

Let me know in the comments what books make you think of fall!

NYCC 2017 Thursday Haul!

I had such a prefect weekend at NYCC! I loved spending the day with my booksh friends and finding new ones! We also got some very exciting arcs that I can’t wait to get my hands on! I have attached my video!


Book Highlights:

How to stop time: by Mat Haig

Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killen

Midnight Arcade:

White Rabbit


Cruel Prince 

Ice wolves

Magical Misfits

Tess of the road

I can’t to read this book! Let me know in the comments what you think I should read first!

Later book lovers!