Reading vlog

Here is my post wonka and BEA reading VLOG!!

That is a much longer reading vlog, and it took place over a month!!!

Some of the books I tackled in this month are!

Storm Runner

Somewhere only we know

Sal and Gabs break the universe

Dragon Pearl

The other side of lost

Race to the sun

Let me know in the comments what are some books you tackled this month!

later book lovers!!


Top Ten Books I want from BEA/BOOK CON!!

So here is the list I have been waiting to post! Here are some of the books I am going to be hunting for this week at book con and book expo!

  1. Wicked as you wish by Rin Chupecp
  2. Chris Colfer new
  3. middle grade series!
  4. Stargazing by Jen Wang
  5. Past Perfect life by Elizabeth Eulberg
  6. Girls of Storm and Shadow, Queens of Ruin and Rise (from NOVL)
  7. Loki where Mischief lies
  8. Tiger Queen
  9. The grace year
  10. The Beautiful
  11. Project middle school

Let me know what arcs do you want to snag this year at BEA and book con!

Later book lovers!!

Top 15 Tricks and Tips for BEA and Book Con!!!

So I go to conventions a lot and if you are attending either book con or book expo here are my top 15 tips. I have been to comic con and book con before but I have never attended book expo! But I have gone to conventions a lot so here are some tips that I found helpful in the past!!!

  1. Just Remember whyou are there! TO HAVE FUN!! It is suppose to be fun. If you come out of the convention with no books (follow my tips and you should snag a few) but just have fun and enjoy the experience as a whole and Be safe!
  2. Go into these events with super low  arc expectations! Echoing tip number one, I don’t want one arc that I don’t get to ruin my weekend and I just go into with my lists and just shoot for stuff but nothing if I don’t get will ruin my weekend!
  3. Go with a bookish Friend group! Massive shout to my bookish friend group (tiffany, Jen, Sarah, Justin, Marisa, Nicole, Brianna and Carolina) I go with a massive group of friends because it super fun and also arc trading and swapping occurs so much! These experience are blast with friends because even if you come home with not a ton of arcs the experience will make the weekend!
  4. Plan Plan! Plan! About a week before any con I go to, I will look through all the con stuff online and make a massive list of what drops are occurring when and where and then I figure out where i want to go too! Also top for he day, go to each booth and pick up your daily schedules from the booth and use those working back to war you made! It super helpful to have some plan and not to wander aimlessly all the time!
  5. Pick you book con autographing authors carefully! I try to only do authors at book con that never do or rarely do NYC singings like this year my top two are cassandra clare and Stephanie Garber! I really want books signed by this authors and they rarely have NYC tour dates! So pick those carefully! Cause no mather who you choose you will be online and away from the show floor for a hour or more!
  6. Know things will change and be flexible! Stuff will alter the day off and I always have back up plans in place if i can’t get on a line! Fun story, i missed out on the nightwalker arc at NYCC but I did get to meet the authors of zenith and get a signed arc  so sometimes missing something give you an even better experience!
  7. Be Kind and nice to the staff and also stay safe and be nice in line! Being rude to fellow book lovers and the people working the event (not an easy job btw) will get you nowhere. No pushing, no yelling and no arc stealing or cutting in line! We are book lovers and we should behave better so we can have a safe con for workers and  attendees alike!
  8. If you can at Book con avoid the massive arc drops! because you know it is going to crazy and you may not even get it. I did not do any at book con and still had a great time! It is just added insanity to your weekend! My rule is if i want this arc that badly i will def be buying it or if by some chance you are in the front of the line but be safe and kind in these lines and listen!
  9. Have Snacks, food and water and advil!! You never know when or how long you will be on a line for and always have food so you can have lunch waiting on line if needed. Have water (No soda) and so many snakes that will give you energy!
  10. Dress comfortable!!! Last year I went it in capri and cute bookish shirt and sneakers and it was the best thing.
  11. Always have backpack, my fanny back and also several tote bags!  Have places to store your arcs and other stuff you get!
  12. Have you phone or devices installed with apps like twitter, insta, facebook and mail and have a portable charger!! You want easy access to this info and a way to keep your phone charged!
  13. Remember the Purpose of the Convention!!! To get the word about about these books with reviews and buzz. If you get a arc please review it in some way. If you know you will never read and review something in a timely fashion (i am still guilty of this) maybe don’t take a arc. I am going to try my hardest to avoid getting adult arcs unless I NEED them!
  14. Have Fun!

Let me know your tips bellow! If you are coming to book con/ book expo come find me!

later book lovers!

What I am reading Monday!!

Oh guys! It has been awhile. My time, my energy and my emotions have been taken over by my production of Willy Wonka! I have read so few books recently and really had no time off, but this week is super exciting for two reasons, It is the “unofficial” start of summer, my show is over and I get to read again and I am attending BEA and book Con this year yay!

Once my show is over I started reading again!! so lets see what I read recently!

What I recently read!!!

I liked this book, I did not love but I thought it was a intreating thriller that I hope gets a second book!!
I really liked this read!!! I thought it was such a unique novel, with a thriller twist!
I really liked this book and found the diversity to be so fun, I thought this was such a prefect summer read!!

This is def my favorite read off the month! I really loved it. I thought it was prefect summer read. If you enjoy K pop, you would love this read!!

What I am currently reading!!

I picked this book earlier in the month, and put it down, but so far I am liking it!

What I want to read next!!

I am heading to Bea so here are some of the potential shorter reads, I may read while I am there

These are just some of the shorter graphic novels on my list that, I might pack and try to tackle at the con!!

Let me know what you are currently reading or what you hope to read this week!
later book lovers!!

I am back!!!

Sorry guys, My production of willy Wonka Just closed and that is what caused my break from the bookish world! I am so sorry for my lack of content over the past couple of weeks but not only was I so focused on my show, I honestly have not read anything this month!!

Here is some photos of show during the rehearsal process! I am so proud of them and the show we created!!

I also posted a reading vlog before my exit!! so here is that!!!

I will be back tomorrow with more content and chatting at my book con/expo plans!!

laura mauro!!

TOP Ten by Katie Cotugno (Non-Spoiler Review)

Top Ten  by Katie Cotugno

Published by Balzer + Bray October 3, 2017

Genres: Young Adult, contemporary

Pages: 320

Format: arc

Source: book con

2019 challenge:

Buy on Amazon,  Goodreads

I would give this book 3 for a review.


Ryan McCullough and Gabby Hart are the unlikeliest of friends. Introverted, anxious Gabby would rather do literally anything than go to a party. Ryan is a star hockey player who can get any girl he wants—and does, frequently. But against all odds, they became not only friends, but each other’s favorite person. Now, as they face high school graduation, they can’t help but take a moment to reminisce and, in their signature tradition, make a top ten list—counting down the top ten moments of their friendship: 

10. Where to begin? Maybe the night we met.
9. Then there was our awkward phase.
8. When you were in love with me but never told me…
7. Those five months we stopped talking were the hardest of my life.
6. Through terrible fights…
5. And emotional makeups.
4. You were there for me when I got my heart broken.
3. …but at times, you were also the one breaking it.
2. Above all, you helped me make sense of the world.
1. Now, as we head off to college—how am I possibly going to live without you? (less)

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed how this book handled more rare topics in YA books like anxiety and injuries in sports. I like the duel POV in this story but enjoyed being in ryan head more then Gabby. I think being in Gabby head was hard at points but some interesting and just seeing how her anxiety affected her. I like the concept of how this novel was structured but though the the structure of top ten moments could have had more of a connection to the presence to make it clearer narrative. I thought this book tackled boy and girl friendships and overall enjoyed the story. I hope to read more by this author in the future.

On the fence (Non-Spoiler Review)

On the Fence  by Kasie West

Published by  HarperTeen on July 1, 2014

Genres: Young Adult, contemporary

Pages: 309

Format: paperback

Source: personally bought

2019 challenge:

Buy on AmazonBarnes & Noble, Goodreads

I would give this book 3.5 for a review.


She’s a tomboy. He’s the boy next door.

With three older brothers, Charlotte Reynolds, aka Charlie, has always been more comfortable calling the shots on a basketball court than flirting with the opposite sex. So when her police officer dad demands she get a summer job to pay for the latest in a long line of speeding tickets, she’s more than a little surprised to find herself working at a chichi boutique and going out with a boy who has never seen her tear it up in a pickup game. Charlie seeks late-night refuge in her backyard, talking out her problems with her neighbor and honorary fourth brother, Braden, sitting back-to-back against the fence that separates them. Braden may know her better than anyone. But there’s a secret Charlie’s keeping that even he hasn’t figured out—she’s fallen for him. Hard. She knows what it means to go for the win, but if spilling her secret means losing him for good, the stakes just got too high.

My Thoughts:

I really did like this book. It is def not my favorite book by this author. I really did like how this book had such a wide cast of characters. I really like the boy next door romance focus and also how this book had so many elements of self discovery and really was invested in the story. I found this book to be a super fast pace read. I also liked how this books and subtle hints of mysteries as well in reference to charlie mother. I liked the how this book really tackled how different relationships can bring out the difference types of people. I overall enjoyed this book and really liked charlie as a main character.

Heir of Fire (Non-Spolier Review)

Heir of Fire  by Sarah J Mass

Published by  Bloomsbury YA; 1 edition on September 2, 2014

Genres: Young Adult, fantasy

Pages: 593

Format: Audibook

Source: personally bought

2019 challenge:

Buy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads

I would give this book 4.75 for a review.


Celaena has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak-but at an unspeakable cost. Now, she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth . . . a truth about her heritage that could change her life-and her future-forever. Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. Will Celaena find the strength to not only fight her inner demons, but to take on the evil that is about to be unleashed?

The bestselling series that has captured readers all over the world reaches new heights in this sequel to the New York Times best-selling Crown of Midnight. Packed with heart-pounding action, fierce new characters, and swoon-worthy romance, this third book will enthrall readers from start to finish.

My Thoughts:

Heir of Fire This was a great follow up to Crown of Midnight. The death of Nemina and the betrayal of Chaol really effected so much of this novel. I loved seeing Celena really become more Fae like and that transformation was so cool to read about and explore. I also loved in this book how we got so many different POV esp Caol and Kai. It made the story really move along even though all the characters were not together in the same space. I really saw Celena power and her faith in her people grow and am exited to see the cont. in the next set of books in this series. I loved all the new characters we meet and we even lost some of my favorites esp the healer.. that made me so sad. 

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder (Non-Spoiler Review)

 Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke


Published by Kensington on February 26, 2019 

Genres:  Adult, cozy mystery 

Pages: 370

Format: Hardback

Source: Library

2019 challenge: 

Buy on AmazonBarnes & Noble, Goodreads

I would give this book 2 for a review.


Not even Lake Eden’s nosiest residents suspected Hannah Swensen would go from idealistic newlywed to betrayed wife in a matter of weeks. But as a deadly mystery unfolds in town, the proof is in the pudding . . .
When The Cookie Jar becomes the setting of a star-studded TV special about movies filmed in Minnesota, Hannah hopes to shine the spotlight on her bakery—not the unsavory scandal swirling around her personal life. But that’s practically impossible with a disturbing visit from the shifty character she once believed was her one and only love, a group of bodyguards following her every move, and a murder victim in her bedroom. Now, swapping the crime scene in her condo for her mother Delores’s penthouse, Hannah and an old flame team up to solve a case that’s messier than an upended chocolate cream pie. As suspects emerge and secrets hit close to home, Hannah must serve a hefty helping of justice to an unnamed killer prowling around Lake Eden . . . before someone takes a slice out of her!

My Thoughts:

I want to be more invested in this series. I really did like the world buiding and just how she creates the world and the characters. The mystery just did now wow me yet again. I felt for a book that included murder in the title, murder was jut not the focus of this novel and I just wanted more out of this novel. After 24 books in the series, i am in for the long haul!

What I am currently reading!!!

I tackled a very long fantasy books last week, but I really liked it, So now I am back to quicker reads, and hoping to get rid of more books before BEA!!! So lets see my reading plans next week and what I want to read next!!!

What I finished reading!!!


I really liked this book. I thought this book def had some slow points but I was equally invested in all the POVs and really enjoyed the world building as well! I will be checking out book 2 for sure!!

What I am currently reading!!!


It has taken me so long to read this book and while I am enjoying the issues handled in this book the book structure is just not what I wanted for this story. But I am enjoying  it!!

What I want to read next!!!

Unknown-2.jpeg        Unknown-6.jpeg

These are the next two contemporary reads I hope to tackle early this week!!

What I am listening too!!


I really hope to finish this listen this week and move on to queen of shadows finally!!

Let me know what are you reading plans this week!

later book lovers!!