TTT: Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites

So I actually do follow a lot of bookish sites and some book blogs! I am not making a video this week but here are some of the top ten websites/blogs that I follow for bookish news and reviews!

  1. Alexa Loves books:  I really look foward to their videos and I have met them both and they are lovely in person!
  2. Super Space Chick:  I really enjoy her videos and she def allows me to read books that I would have never read and she is lovely in person also, I have met her several times!
  3. Peruse Project   I also really love her channel and again she really opens my mind up to new books and I loved her reading VLOGS!
  4. Bella Fairytale: My friend runs this blog and I really love the work she does and you should def give her a follow!
  5. A court of coffee and books  : My friend runs this blog and I really love the work she does and you should def give them  a follow!
  6. Epic ReadThis site is just fun and I loved the various content on this site!!
  7. Hypable  I love this site so much but the book section run by danielle , Karen and Kirsten is awesome!
  8. Goodreads: I really love this site because i rely on it to know about sequels and also just tracking my own reading!
  9. Owl crate  I really love these ladies and also this company and just love to watch all their videos and especially their hauls!

I know I missed some, but let me know your favorites in the comments!

Later book lovers!!!



TTT: Popular Books that Lived Up to the Hype

Hey book lovers,

My video will be posted later in the week but will link it below when it is live!

  1. Simon verse the Homo Sapiens Agenda!
  2. Cruel Prince
  3. Geekerella
  4. Everless
  5. Illumnaie Files
  6. Before she Ignites
  7. Darkest Minds
  8. Roar
  9. Three dark crowns
  10. Ash princes

Let me know your list in the comments!

TFW: Roadtrip Books!!!!!!

Here are some books that have a road trip in the premise of the book. I have read some and others are still on my TBR! But I wanted to give them all a shout out!

  1. Amy and Rodgers epic detour!!!
  2. How my summer went up in flames
  3. Open road summer
  4. Love song and other Lies
  5. Madly

I would love to see some of your recommendations for books that have road trip books in the comments, I need some new ones to add to my TBR!

Later book lovers

TTT: Books with Sensory Reading Memories!!

I found this to be such a unique prompt and I will try to do my best to give you some fun answers!

  1. Harry potter series (all 7, So many memories, for my various senses that I connect to this series)
  2. Hannah Swenson Series ( I really want to eat all the sweets.. it is a problem)
  3. Rule by ELLEN GOODLET (The physical sensations that come with their magic system)
  4. Warcross ( I think this book was so visual even thought it did not have any visual elements I saw this book so easily in my mind eye and it really was a very visually stunning novel even just in my mind)
  5. Naturals (My utter shock with with the killer reveal that stop me in the tracks in the middle of NYC)
  6. The Illumanie Files ( The listening of this book, really hyped this experience and boy this book even without the audiobook was super auditory focus and it is a great read, and the first book just had such a creepy vibe and it  had constant goosebumps when reading)
  7. Books I love to read over the summer ( Contemporary books and always Harry potter)
  8. Books I read in the fall (Thrillers)
  9. Books I read in the Winter ( Fantasy Series)!!!

Let me know what are some of your answers to this question in the comments

TTT: Favorite Novellas/Short Stories

So this was actually a super easy list to create because I have actually read alot of them the past couple of years and so include some of my favorite authors and favorite series!

  1. Through the dark (darkest minds)
  2. Stephanie Perkins (Holiday)
  3. Stephanie Perkins ( Summer)
  4. Meet cute
  5. Tales of the shadow hunter Acadmey
  6. Bane Chronicles
  7. Pushing the limits tie in short stories
  8. Stars Above!!
  9. the assassin’s blade  (thorn of glass)
  10. Percy jackson meets the Kane chronicles!

These are just a few of the short story collection I read recently, tell me yours in the comments!

later book lovers!

TTT: My top ten Mid Year books!!

So I actually have had my best reading year so far. I read so many awesome books. That is largely because of all the cons I attended this year and last and also because I am still job hunting but hey the upside more time to read!

  1. The cruel Prince
  2. Zenith
  3. Foolish Hearts
  4. To kill a kingdom
  5. Not If I save you first
  6. Ash princess
  7. Spies Lies and Allies
  8. Obsideo
  9. Ship of the dead
  10. Save The date
  11. Wildcard

Okay so you got a extra one!

Tell me in your comments some of your favorite books so far of this year!

later book lovers!

TTT: Books with Red, White, & Blue Covers!!!

So in honor of fourth of July here are some covers in my collection that have red, white and blue covers! Here are some of my favorite covers that are red, white and blue!!!

1.Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman


2. Magnus Chase and the ship of the dead


3. Warcross


4. My Lady Jane


5. Carry on


6. Rule


7. Children of Blood and Bone


8. White Rabbit


9. Red Vengeance


Let me know what cover you like the most and share your own in the comments!

Later book  lovers!!!


My Favorite LBGTQ Novels!!!

So I want to def read more of these books but here are some of my top LGBTQ novels that I have enjoyed in the past and also a couple novels that I hope to read this summer! Cause I tend to read more contemporary books over the summer! These are the books I want to read more off and hope to make some progress this summer!

Books I loved!

  1. They both die in the end by Adam Silvera
  2. Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda by Becky Albertalli
  3. The Summer of Us Cecilia Vinesse
  4. Of fire and stars by  Audrey Coulthurst
  5. Reign of the Fallen by  Sarah Glenn Marsh
  6. Magnus Chase series and Percy Jackson series!

Books I need to read!

  1. Leah on the off Beat by Becky Albertalli
  2. What if its us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera
  3. History is all you left me by Silvera

let me know if all of these books rank in your top favorites!

TTT: Series I’ve Given Up On/Don’t Plan to Finish!!

Here are some book series I have no plan to read anytime soon! This may change in the future because I really hate DNF series/books! But I have no plan to cont. right now!

  1. Shatter me
  2. Under The Never Sky
  3. Strange Truth Series
  4. Court of rose and thorns
  5. Glittering Court Series
  6. Selection Series
  7. Abbie Glines Young Adult series. Until friday night!
  8. Women Murder club by James Paterson
  9. Red queen series
  10. Lost Code Series!

Let me know in the comments if you think I am making a massive mistake and what books series you think I should add back to my TBR!!

Later book lovers!

TTT: Books to Read By the Pool/At the Beach

So here is summer TBR. This summer I want to make series dent in book expo books But I am in the mood to read a lot of thrillers, middle grade and contemporary books! So here are the top 15 books I hope to read this summer

Thrillers/ Mystery:

  1. Mortal Coil
  2. Magicians Impossible
  3. Meddling Kids
  4. The Echo Room
  5. Sadie
  6. Little White Lies

Middle Grade

  1. The Storm Runners
  2. City of Ghosts
  3. Love Sugar Magic
  4. The Wizards of Once


  1. The art of losing
  2. What IF It’s Us
  3. The me I meant to be
  4. The summer of us

Here are just some books I hope to tackle this summer! Let me know what book you are most excited to see me read and review!

later Book lovers