TTT: Books to Read By the Pool/At the Beach

So here is summer TBR. This summer I want to make series dent in book expo books But I am in the mood to read a lot of thrillers, middle grade and contemporary books! So here are the top 15 books I hope to read this summer

Thrillers/ Mystery:

  1. Mortal Coil
  2. Magicians Impossible
  3. Meddling Kids
  4. The Echo Room
  5. Sadie
  6. Little White Lies

Middle Grade

  1. The Storm Runners
  2. City of Ghosts
  3. Love Sugar Magic
  4. The Wizards of Once


  1. The art of losing
  2. What IF It’s Us
  3. The me I meant to be
  4. The summer of us

Here are just some books I hope to tackle this summer! Let me know what book you are most excited to see me read and review!

later Book lovers






Top Ten books I got from BEA AND Book con!

So I got so many things from BEA and book. So here are the top ten books I want to read in quicker fashion, no matter when they come out! Most of these books are Contempory, thriller and middle grade! Check out my video for my extended thoughts!

  1. Wildcard by Marie Lu!
  2. The dark deep by Ally Condi and Brendan R.
  3. Broken things by Lauren Oilver
  4. What if its us by Adam and Becky
  5. The Dark descent of elizabeth frakenstine by kirsten white
  6. Rule by  ellen goodlett
  7. City of Ghosts by victoria schwab
  8. Grace and Fury by tracy banghart
  9. Escaping from Houdni by  Kerri Maniscalco
  10. The Art of losing by Lizzy Mason

Tell me in the comments what book you want me to give an early review too! I am really so excited to read all these books,  but if you want a review early, I can try my best!

later book lovers

Books I need to Read before I can attack my Book expo and Book con books!

Here is just some books that I need to read on my shelves so I can actually read my Con books! I am giving you the top five!

  1. Hunting Prince Dracula
  2. Dragon Watch
  3. Leah on the off beat and History is all you left me
  4. Reign the earth
  5. Stranger the Dreamer

Books I want to re-read before I tackle my con books!

  1. Prospero Reeding 2
  2. Warcross
  3. Cruel prince

Let me know what books must you read before you tackle your new books 🙂

Later book lovers!

Top Ten books I want from Book Expo and book con!

So I am so excited to attending both these conventions this year! I know arcs are not the “true” purpose of these conventions but I love getting books early! So here are the top ten books that i hope to get at these conventions!

  1. Wild Card by Marie Lu
  2. What if Its us by Becky A and Adam Silvera
  3. The second story by Neil Patrick Harris
  4. Wicked King by Holly Black
  5. The dark deep by Riche and Condi
  6. Grace and Fury
  7. The last life of Prince Alastor
  8. Escaping form Houdini by Keri M.
  9. Girls of paper and fire
  10. City of Ghosts by V.E Swab!

Let me know in the comments what books you are are excited to pick up either at the conventions this summer or just to read this fall!

later book lovers!


Top 15 Book Con and Book Expo Tips

So I go to conventions a lot and if you are attending either book con or book expo here are my top 15 tips. I have been to comic con and book con before but I have never attended book expo! But I have gone to conventions a lot so here are some tips that I found helpful in the past!!!


  1. Just Remember why you are there! TO HAVE FUN!! It is suppose to be fun. If you come out of the convention with no books (follow my tips and you should snag a few) but just have fun and enjoy the experience as a whole and Be safe!
  2. Go into these events with super low  arc expectations! Echoing tip number one, I don’t want one arc that I don’t get to ruin my weekend and I just go into with my lists and just shoot for stuff but nothing if I don’t get will ruin my weekend!
  3. Go with a bookish Friend group! Massive shout to my bookish friend group (tiffany, Jen, Sarah, Justin, Marisa, Nicole, Brianna and Carolina) I go with a massive group of friends because it super fun and also arc trading and swapping occurs so much! These experience are blast with friends because even if you come home with not a ton of arcs the experience will make the weekend!
  4. Plan Plan! Plan! About a week before any con I go to, I will look through all the con stuff online and make a massive list of what drops are occurring when and where and then I figure out where i want to go too! Also top for he day, go to each booth and pick up your daily schedules from the booth and use those working back to war you made! It super helpful to have some plan and not to wander aimlessly all the time!
  5. Pick you book con autographing authors carefully! I try to only do authors at book con that never do or rarely do NYC singings like this year my top two are cassandra clare and Stephanie Garber! I really want books signed by this authors and they rarely have NYC tour dates! So pick those carefully! Cause no mather who you choose you will be online and away from the show floor for a hour or more!
  6. Know things will change and be flexible! Stuff will alter the day off and I always have back up plans in place if i can’t get on a line! Fun story, i missed out on the nightwalker arc at NYCC but I did get to meet the authors of zenith and get a signed arc 🙂 so sometimes missing something give you an even better experience!
  7. Be Kind and nice to the staff and also stay safe and be nice in line! Being rude to fellow book lovers and the people working the event (not an easy job btw) will get you nowhere. No pushing, no yelling and no arc stealing or cutting in line! We are book lovers and we should behave better so we can have a safe con for workers and  attendees alike!
  8. If you can at Book con avoid the massive arc drops! because you know it is going to crazy and you may not even get it. I did not do any at book con and still had a great time! It is just added insanity to your weekend! My rule is if i want this arc that badly i will def be buying it or if by some chance you are in the front of the line but be safe and kind in these lines and listen!
  9. Have Snacks, food and water and advil!! You never know when or how long you will be on a line for and always have food so you can have lunch waiting on line if needed. Have water (No soda) and so many snakes that will give you energy!
  10. Dress comfortable!!! Last year I went it in capri and cute bookish shirt and sneakers and it was the best thing.
  11. Always have backpack, my fanny back and also several tote bags!  Have places to store your arcs and other stuff you get!
  12. Have you phone or devices installed with apps like twitter, insta, facebook and mail and have a portable charger!! You want easy access to this info and a way to keep your phone charged!
  13. Remember the Purpose of the Convention!!! To get the word about about these books with reviews and buzz. If you get a arc please review it in some way. If you know you will never read and review something in a timely fashion (i am still guilty of this) maybe don’t take a arc. I am going to try my hardest to avoid getting adult arcs unless I NEED them!
  14. Have Fun!

Let me know your tips bellow! If you are coming to book con/ book expo come find me!

later book lovers!


TTT: Books I Disliked/Hated but Am Really Glad I Read (maybe just for bragging rights)

So this was hard to come up with Ten and the ones I have come up with I talked about a lot! Lucky for me I have few books that I really and really did not like or hated!

  1. Twilight (I don’t hate twilight but I am not fan of her female character and her mythology leaves a lot to desired and I really was not a fan of the ending)
  2. We were animals (I really did not like this book, I have not found many people who read it but the story was just not my thing and it was super violent and I thought the story lacked a focus in the story it was trying to tell)
  3. The Darkest mine ( I really struggle with stories that have totally unlikable characters and this one was rough one for me, I did not like the lead and the plot was odd)
  4. The glittering Court ( I really did not like this book at all, I went in expecting a fantasy book and that is not what I got. I also was not a fan of the main character at all)

Books I Won’t Read

5. Fifty Shades of Grey (I really have not desire to read a story that really treats female characters like that)

So this was a super short post and video but I really stear away from books if I don’t think i will love them. Let me know yours in the comments!

Later book lovers!

TTT:Books With My Favorite Color On the Cover (or In the Title)

Hi book lovers,

I am back with with a video this week (yay!!) This was a fun prompt! My favorite color is Blue and here are some of the books that have blue in the title or just blue on the cover!

  1. Foolish Hearts by Emma Miles


2. This adventure Ends


3. Roomies by Christina Lauren


4. Magnus Chase and the ship of the dead:


5. Samantha Spinner and the Super Secret Plans:


6. Gemina:


7. The wicked deep


8. The boy that went magic


9. Brooding YA hero


10. Harry potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Let me know in the comments what is your favorite color and what is your favorite book cover that features that color!!!

Later book lovers






TTT: Books I’d Slay a Lion to Get Early

So this was such an easy list to create (sorry no video this week) this week got away from me.. But  here are some of the books I would SLay a Lion to get early!

  1. Save the date by  Morgan Matson (CUTE  contemporary… I am so excited to read it)
  2. Sea Witch by sarah henning ( I loved to Kill a Kingdom so much and I need more Mermaid books in my life)
  3. What if its us  by adam silvera and becky albertalli ( I enjoy these authors so much and REALLY need to see what they create together)
  4. Wicked King by Holly Black (umm duh.. i adored book one so much and need book 2)
  5. Undead Girl Gang ( I heard this book was super awesome and really want to read it)
  6. Dear Evan Hanson ( I have never seen the musical but I really want to check out the book)
  7. Wild card by Marie Lu ( I loved WAR CROSS and really NEED BOOK 2)
  8. Two dark Reigns by  Kendare Blake ( This series keeps getting better and better and I need to know what happens next)
  9. Arch Enemies by  Marisa meyer ( I really enjoyed book one and will def be checking out book 2)
  10. The magical misfits (The second story) I really loved this book and want to share it with the kids I work with!

Let me know in the comments what are some books you would slay a lion for!

Later book lovers!


TTT: Frequently Used Words In YA and Middle Grade Titles!!!!!

So this was a fun prompt. I am going to give you five common words for YA titles and five for middle grade titles. I really liked thinking about this because some “words’ do capture  my attention more!

YA Titles:

  1. Prince/ Princess/ Queen/ King
  2. Kingdom
  3. Orphan/Thief
  4. Ashes
  5. Dark

Middle Grade:

6. Adventure                                                                                                                                               7. Secret                                                                                                                                                         8. boy/girl                                                                                                                                                 9. dragon/ creature                                                                                                                                 10.  Magic

So tell me what are some common words that you see in either YA or middle grade titles!


Later book lovers!





TTT: 10 short books I would love to tackle during my readathons In may!

So this post is a dual purpose post! I am here to announce that I will be hosting 2 readathons in may. I have many short books that I would love to read before the  end of may and book con and book expo. I learned a very good lesson during my last bookathon reading shorter books will make the experience much better!

The dates of my readathons for the moment is! ( I will let you know if these dates change)

  1. May 14
  2. May 28

Longer books ( between 300 and 400 pages)

  1. top ten by Katie Cotugno ( 351)
  2. Fandom by Anna Day ( 406)
  3. Ship it by Britta Lundin (375)
  4. No Good dead by Goldy Moldavsky

Shorter books

4. My Lady’s Choosing by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris (351) Play your way

5. Click’d by Tamara Ireland Stone ( 288)

6. Love hate and other filters by Samira Ahmed (278)

7. Genuine Fraud by e.lockhart (262)

8. Samantha Spinner and the super secret plans (232)

9. Breaking by Danielle Rollins (292)

10, Tell me three things by Julie Buxbaum (328)

11. Keeping the moon by Sarah Dessen ( 228)

12. The Sweetest kind of fate by Crystal Cestari (310)

13. The Little Big foot in the city by Jennifer Weiner ( 317)

Let me know in the comments what books you think I should try to tackle in these readathons and if you will be joining me!

Later book lovers!