Authors New to me in March and April 2019!!

So I started doing this series earlier in the year and with my wonka show, I failed to keep you guys updated. So I am going to catch up and go over all the new authors read and my thoughts about them and would I read there books again.

Author List:

  1. Laura E. Weymouth: Really enjoyed her read and was able to get arc of her new book at BEA!!
  2. Crystal Smith: I loved this book and def consider buying the finale copy, especially if she comes to NYC for a tour, but I will def be reading the next book in this series!
  3. Jenna Marie Thorn: I would deff read more by this author in the future, but I would prob get her books from the library unless the concepts of her books are super compelling.
  4. Gloria Cho: This is another author that I liked her book. Loved the diversity and would prob wind up getting this book from the library or borrowing a copy. This book was not my favorite but i loved the diversity of this read.
  5. James Riley: This author was one that let me down a tad. I felt like hist world building could have been a bit stronger and wanted more from this story but i will be def getting book 2 from the library to keep reading and see what happens, book 1 i always forgive especially in a new series.
  6. P.G Bell: Again this book did not wow me, and this book was also not what i expected The premise and characters did not wow me. So in the future i would prob get the other books in the series from the library or borrow them.
  7. Nicki Paul Preto: I was immediately captured by this book and i REALLY loved this book. I will def be hunting for early copies of this book and may even buy a finished copy for my collection. This book was super unique and I really loved the various POV characters.
  8. Katie Cotugno: I enjoyed this read, I did not love the way this book was executed but I loved the concept of the book and focus on friendship. I will def read more by this author in the future either through renting or the library.
  9. Tamera Ireland Stone: I would def read more by this author in the future. I would be more likely to borrow or get these books from the library especially if they are contemporary themed. Her books are hard hitting but i would not be likely to re-read them.
  10. Tracy Deebs: I want to love this book more then I did. I felt like the execution of this book was a bit weak and also it was hard to feel connected to the all the characters because they are not developed strongly. I may read the summary before deciding if I would read more by this author in the future.

Let me know in the comments who are some authors that were knew to you in the comments and what did you think of them!

Later book lovers!


TTT: Series I have neglected and need to catch up on!

So due to my love of legendary read recently, I realized I have been terrible about reading sequels or book 3 in the series. I really want to get better at it! Here are some of the series I really want to make a priority this fall!!

  1. Gathering of Shadows (VE Schwab)
  2. Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake
  3. Scorch Dragons by Amie Kaufman
  4. BloodWitch by Susan Dennard
  5. King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo
  6. Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco
  7. Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine
  8. Undying by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
  9. Lady Smoke by Laura Sebastian
  10. The Potion Series by Amy Alward

Tell me what series , you have neglected and need to catch up on in the comments!

later book lovers

Books on my Summer TBR!!

So here are some of my summer books I hope to tackle this summer! I broken into a couple of different categories! I got so many awesome books that I wanted to Read from BEA!

Contemporary books!

  1. American Royals
  2. The Wonder of us
  3. I love you so Mochi
  4. The start of me and you
  5. Say you will remember me


  1. Ninth house
  2. The Darkest Corners

Fantasy/ Science Fiction

  1. Aurora Rising
  2. We Hunt the Flame
  3. Tarnish the stars

Let me know in the comments if any of these books are on your summer TBR!

TTT: Audiobooks I would Recommend!!

So this is not a paid promotion but I am loyal Audible subscriber and love listening to audiobooks and with my long commutes during the school year and my love of Bike Riding I spend a lot of hours listening to audiobooks. So here are my top ten listens. I will chat through them in the video bellow, but bellow is the complete list.

  1. Ilumanie Files series
  2. Tortal Series Tamora Pierce
  3. Circle of Magic Series
  4. Neil Patrick Harris Audio book.
  5. This Will only hurt a little (Busy Phillips)
  6. Talking as fast as I can from Gilmore girl to Gilmore Girls.
  7. Harry Potter Series
  8. Throne of Glass
  9. Wizards of once
  10. Land of stories complete cannon!

So tell me in the comments what are some of your favorite audiobooks and why you enjoy them so much!

Later book lovers!

TTT: Books On My Spring 2019 TBR

So I do change out the genres and types of books I read and the spring is the one season. I really like to read quick book but also books that are lighter but a nice balance of fantasy, middle grade, and contemporaries.

Emma Burning by Shannon Hale (Fantasy)
Last of her Name by Jessica Khourdy
Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan
Waiting for Tom Hanks Kerry Winfrey
Night Music by Jennifer Marie Thorne
Wizards of Once Twice Magic by Cressida Cowell
The adventures Guild: Twilight of the elves
The Potion Diaries: Going Viral
The Apprentice Witch by James Nicol
The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
Let me know what are some books are on your Spring TBR!

Later book lovers!

TTT: Standalone Books That Need a Sequel

So here are a couple books/series that I really want a sequel book too and mostly it is because I adored these characters so much or some elements were just not wrapped up to my liking!

Books that Need a Sequel:

  1. The names That they Gave us by Emery Lord
  2. Brighly Woven by Alexsandra Bracken
  3. Dare you too
  4. The night we said yes
  5. The unexpected everything
  6. Since you’ve been gone
  7. This is what happy look likes
  8. Love life and the list
  9. Lola and the boy next door
  10. Of Fire and Stars

These are just books I want more of and most of them are contemporaries and I just want to know what happens after the “happy” ending!

Let me know What book are on your list in the comments!


TTT: Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

So in books you normally read books that you want to ‘steal” their life and that totally true for me. Sometimes I just want to to follow all their actions and sometimes I really want to change their actions. I will chat about them in the video bellow but I really like all these characters a lot!

  1. Hermonie Granger
  2. Annabeth Chase
  3. Simon Lewis
  4. Alex from Land of Stories
  5. Lola from Lola and the boy Next door
  6. Charlie from Save the date
  7. Beth from Dare you too
  8. Ruby from the Darkest mind series
  9. Emika Chen Warcross Series
  10. Jamie from the Charlotte Holmes series

Tell me in the comments what are some characters you would want to swap places with!

Later book lovers!!


TTT: Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like to Visit

So this list was actually super easy to come up with. When I read I normally always want to physically go to these locations. Normally they are so magical and I just love worlds like that! Some off these won’t be shock but lets get into them! I included both worlds in general and also specific locations!


  1. Harry Potter (Hogwarts and The Wizarding World)
  2. Percy Jackson ( Camp Half Blood)
  3. Land Of Stories ( The fairy tale world)
  4. Words in Deep blue (The book Store)
  5. Ice wolves (The school)
  6. The Dreadfull Tale of Prosper Redding ( Haunted House)
  7. Warcross ( Video game world)
  8. Thorne of Glass (The castle)
  9. Prince and the dressmaker (The castle)
  10. The Royal Tour (The potions shop)

Tell me in the comments what are some locations in books that you would like to visit!

later book lovers!



TFW: Love Interests You Would Have Broken Up With!!

Sorry guys! I am back on vocal rest this week. Teaching has been super hard on my voice and since I have off this week, I decided to lessen my vocal use in hopes my voice sounds better when I got back to school.

I really like this topic because many times when I am am reading, I am screaming at my book, Break up with them! So here is my short list

  1. Edward Cullan


Way to controlling and controlling for my likening. I don’t like boys who control their girls and this boy is not exception!

2. Jace (Shadow hunters)


Pre book 3, his behavior really bothered me and I just did not like this character nor did I like how he was treating Clary, so around that point I def would have broken up with him.

3. Prince (Selection Series)


I def had moments throughout this series that I want to break up with him so many times. I know he is the character everyone like but his actions made me super annoyed.

4. Gale (Hunger Games)


I normally love this type of relationship but this boy was again too controlling at points for my likening. I would have broke up with him for sure.

On a The good side  (Boys I would never break up with) 

  1. Cricket Bell (Lola and the boys next door)
  2. Thorne ( Cress)
  3. Clark ( The Unexpetcted Everything)
  4. Henry ( Since I’ve been gone)
  5. Simon ( Shadow Hunters)

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

later book lovers!

TTT: Favorite Couples In Books !!

I love making this list every year and here are my top favorite couples in books! If you have been following me for awhile this list is no shock but some surprises did make the list from last year read!

  1. Hermonie and Ron: Harry potter!
  2. Simon and Izzy Shadow Hunters
  3.  Lola and Cricket: Lola and the boy Next door
  4. Cress: Cress and Thorne
  5. Gemina: Hanna and Nick
  6. Beth and Ryan: Dare you too
  7. The Unexpected everything: Andi and Clark
  8. Long way home: Violet and Chevy
  9. Darkest minds: Liam and Ruby
  10. Prince and the Dress maker: Prince and Dressmaker!

Let me know what are some of your top favorite couples are in the comments!!

later book lovers!!!