TFW: Favorites You’d Like to Revisit

This weeks topic was a freebie, But I choose a earlier topic that occurred during booktube-athon that I missed! I really am excited to share these books with you in the video and list below!

  1. Cinder Series
  2. Percy Jackson Cannon
  3. Complete Harry potter finally 🙂
  4. Darkest minds
  5. Thorn of Glass

Let me know yours in the comments!



TFW:Books You Liked with Tropes You Usually Hate

I am actually super excited for this topic! I had no time to make a video, but I hope you like these books that connect  back to this topic!

  1. Love triangles where the bad boy wins: Infernal devices!!

I normally hate when the boy next door characters does not win the girl! But this book made me love both Jem and will and I really did like how this book turned out in the end.  It handled the triangle super well and I just love how she crafted the story!

2. The sarcastic bad boy/love interest: Roar!!!

I normally hate the sarcastic bad boy but this boy captured my heart and I just really loved this book and this character and am dying for book 2!

3. Predictable plot twist: Don’t look back!

I know I should have seen this twist coming and afterwards it was super obvious why the ending of this book happen but I really love this story so much!

4. Terrible parents in Middle grade!! Samantha spinner and the super secret plans!!

I normally hate when parents are so oblivious to their middle grade children drama but i found this book to be super charming that I was able to overlook that!


let me know some of yours in the comments!

later book lovers!

TFW: Top five books from my Shelves I want to read this summer!

So here is my version of a top five wed. Here are some of the summer themed books, middle grade, contemporary and thrillers I would love to read this summer! I have had most of these books for awhile and would love to finally get to them!


  1. Liars Inc.
  2. Dangerous Girls
  3. This Lullaby
  4. The truth about forever
  5. How my summer went up in flames
  6. Love and gelato
  7. Speak easy speak true
  8. How to love
  9. Saint Anything
  10. My Life next door!

Let me Know in the comments what books I should try and read first!

Top Five Wed: What series must I catch-up on So I can read con books!

So I got some unexpected second book/ third books in various series and I ned to catch up before I can tackle my con arcs! Here are some of the highlights!

  1. Hunting Prince Dracula by Keri so I can read book 3!
  2. Reign the earth so I can read imprison the Sky book 2 🙂
  3. The Last Magican so I can read The devil Thief
  4. Labyrinth lost so I can read Bruja Born
  5. Aru Shaw so I can read the other Riordan Imprint books In order!

Let me Know in the comments what books I need bump up my TBR list!

later book lovers!


T5W: Favorite Fandom Items

So I have a pretty nice collection of fandom items. I am a lover of so many fandom items but here are some of the highlights. I will try to link the site or the subscription site or where I bought it if i remember!


  1. Harry potter money (Nobel Collection)
  2. Marauder Map! (Hot Topic)


Me and sarah at NYCC!!!

3.  My Fairy loot mug (Fairy loot) (see video)

4. Harry potter mug (Owl crate) (see video)

5.Cantbery road co candles (currently reading line (go buy!!!)

Tell me in the comments what are some of your favorite fandom things! Tell me what I  Must add to my collection

Later book lovers!

T5W: Ideal Mash-Ups

So this was a fun thing to think about. I am not the best writer but I do often come up with some fun book ideas and here I am going to share some of my dream book mashups  with you all and hope some author will take pity on me and write it! 🙂

  1. Teen wolf and thriller 🙂
  2. Teenage avengers 🙂
  3. girl loses her memory and falls for the boy next store 🙂
  4. Rick riordan meets teen Loki!
  5. Teen willow in Buffy 🙂 A witchy novel series!

Let me know in the comments what book series you can get behind and lets discuss in            the comments!

Later book lovers