TFW: Top five books from my Shelves I want to read this summer!

So here is my version of a top five wed. Here are some of the summer themed books, middle grade, contemporary and thrillers I would love to read this summer! I have had most of these books for awhile and would love to finally get to them!


  1. Liars Inc.
  2. Dangerous Girls
  3. This Lullaby
  4. The truth about forever
  5. How my summer went up in flames
  6. Love and gelato
  7. Speak easy speak true
  8. How to love
  9. Saint Anything
  10. My Life next door!

Let me Know in the comments what books I should try and read first!


Top Five Wed: What series must I catch-up on So I can read con books!

So I got some unexpected second book/ third books in various series and I ned to catch up before I can tackle my con arcs! Here are some of the highlights!

  1. Hunting Prince Dracula by Keri so I can read book 3!
  2. Reign the earth so I can read imprison the Sky book 2 🙂
  3. The Last Magican so I can read The devil Thief
  4. Labyrinth lost so I can read Bruja Born
  5. Aru Shaw so I can read the other Riordan Imprint books In order!

Let me Know in the comments what books I need bump up my TBR list!

later book lovers!


T5W: Favorite Fandom Items

So I have a pretty nice collection of fandom items. I am a lover of so many fandom items but here are some of the highlights. I will try to link the site or the subscription site or where I bought it if i remember!


  1. Harry potter money (Nobel Collection)
  2. Marauder Map! (Hot Topic)


Me and sarah at NYCC!!!

3.  My Fairy loot mug (Fairy loot) (see video)

4. Harry potter mug (Owl crate) (see video)

5.Cantbery road co candles (currently reading line (go buy!!!)

Tell me in the comments what are some of your favorite fandom things! Tell me what I  Must add to my collection

Later book lovers!

T5W: Ideal Mash-Ups

So this was a fun thing to think about. I am not the best writer but I do often come up with some fun book ideas and here I am going to share some of my dream book mashups  with you all and hope some author will take pity on me and write it! 🙂

  1. Teen wolf and thriller 🙂
  2. Teenage avengers 🙂
  3. girl loses her memory and falls for the boy next store 🙂
  4. Rick riordan meets teen Loki!
  5. Teen willow in Buffy 🙂 A witchy novel series!

Let me know in the comments what book series you can get behind and lets discuss in            the comments!

Later book lovers


TFW: Favorite Jokesters

So this was a fun one to did. In honor of April fools day! I am going to share some of my favorite funny/jokesters type characters in the books I have read! Tell me in the comments who are yours!

  1. Fred and George Wesely (Harry potter)

    These characters are both one of the few jokesters that really come to mind. But they are also such funny characters. I loved how they are also super funny but also they use their pranks and such towards the end of the series for the fight against evil. They are super funny and they just make me smile!

  2. Thorn ( Cress)

This character is so funny but also like a i really enjoy him. I think is humor also brings cress out her shell a tad more. I think they compliment each other very well. I loved their dynamics so much. I just love his one liners so much and his role in the crew is so important. I really want to re-read this book soon. It is def one of favorite in the series.

3. Mark (Martian)

I loved listening to the audiobook for this book. This book is very science heavy but his humor made the me get through this book so fast. I did not want to stop listening to this book. I laughed so hard and was so connected to the characters. Even though this book is science heavy the humor made it so easy to read! Also I thought Matt. damon played him so well in the movie!

4. Percy Jackson ( Rick Riordan Canon)

This is def. one of my favorite narraters that rick is ever written I loved not only him as hero but he is also so funny to read from/ listen from his point of view. I really love his outlook on the messed up world he is involved in. His peers Leo, Apollo and also Magnus are also super funny but Percy has stolen my hearts!

5. Alex and Connor (Land of Stories)

Again these characters just make me smile. I love their humor and also how they take in the world around them. I just love following their POV. I also love chris colfer and how he does the audiobook. I really love both of these characters and how they connect their fantasy world to their “real” life makes me smile!

Let me know in the comments who are your favorite funny or prankster type characters!

TFW: March 28: Favorite Teachers/Mentors

So this was slightly hard because they asked that we not use characters from harry potter but i am up to the task so lets get into it!

  1. Professor from the Reckoners Series!!!


I really thought one of the highlights of this series was the relationship between david and the professor was one of the coolest parts of this whole series. I loved the various roles we saw professor talk in the whole series. I just thought he was a cool character. I loved him in book one and two the most!

2. Pushing the limits series: The various Teachers!!!


I want to expand this and talk about all the teachers and mentor characters that we see in all of these various books. I especially want to shout out the teachers the deal with noah and echo and how they refused to give up and get them the help they needed and let them make something of their lives. I also really enjoyed the teacher that encouraged ryan to be a writer. I loved how strong she was not only in standing up to the school but also ryan dad.

I also really loved the various mentors we meet in the thunder road series! I loved Cyrus and also the impact the the the impact of Oliva relationship with the main kids in the books. I chat bit more in my video of all of these characters!!!

3. Percy Jackson: Chiron


I just love this character so much. I really loved in in the first series. I think his relationship between percy and Annabeth was so well done. I just loved how we really cared about the kids and became such a badass in this series. He was just such a fun character.

4. Giles: Buffy!!!


So I know this is a tad of a cheat but I really loved Giles in both the books and tie in novels that are inspired by this series. I hope to also read the comics soon! I just loved his dynamics with the trio (buffy, willow and zander) throughout all 7 seasons. I love a book book nerd and he just always has all the answers. I really enjoyed him on my recent rewatch!

5. Nick Snowbeard: Heir Series!


I really loved Nick in this whole series or the books I read so far! I loved his role in the series but also his various relationships between both Jack and also Steph. I loved him as both a mentor but also as a teacher for the various kids in this series. I am so excited to compete this series in a couple of months!

Let me know In the comments who were some of your favorite teachers or mentors!

Later book lovers!

TFW: Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy in Other Media

This video is one I have wanted to make for awhile! I finally get talk about some of favorite fantasy and science fiction t.v shows Yay! I will list them bellow but go check out the video bellow because I will be gushing so much!

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  2. Charmed
  3. Arrow verse shows 🙂 ( flash, supergirl, arrow, legends, black lighting)
  4. Teen wolf
  5. Stichers 🙂 ( it was canceled way too soon 😦 )

Let me know in the comments what are some of your favorite science fiction or fantasy stuff in other media forms 🙂 I did focus on t.v but I would love to see your suggestions in various media forms!

Later book Lovers!