October Reading Wrap Part 2!!!

This reading wrap up focused on the the various halloween themed reading challenges that I participated in these challenges and I had some success and read some fun creepy reads!!!

  1. Tunnel of bones (New Release) 4 stars
  2. Winter Wood (Arc November) 4 stars
  3. MoonCakes (New Release) 4 Stars
  4. Malmander (Arc September) 3 stars
  5. Mind Games (Arc August) 4 stars
  6. Nancy Drew Files # 1 (NYCC Purchase) 3 stars
  7. Wicked Fox (2019 Book) 4 stars
  8. Sky in the deep (audiobook) 4 stars
  9. The Bone Houses (Owl Crate) 4 stars
  10. The Map form here to there (Arc January) 4.75

Let me know in the comments what were some of the books your tackle at the tale end of this month!

Later book Lovers!!

November TBR!!

So I am so excited to dive into some exciting reads both from BEA and NYCC for my reads this month! I am hope to be able to tackle all these reads this month!

Time Wrap YA Book Club:

  1. Evermore
  2. Cinder


  1. Archenemies (BBLT)
  2. A Heart So Fierce and Broken (Jan. 2020 Arc)
  3. Queens of Animation (Non-Fiction)
  4. LodeStar (BBTL)
  5. I hope you get this message (OwlCrate October 2019)
  6. Season of the witch (Arc BEA)
  7. The Map for here to there (Arc Jan 2020)
  8. The Criers War (Owl crate October 2019)
  9. Bwitched (ARC NYCC JULY 2020)
  10. Chosen (Arc NYCC 2020)
  11. Two Dark Reigns (BBLC)
  12. Blood Countess (ARC 2020)
  13. Rise (Arc Bea)
  14. There Will Come A darkness (ARC September)
  15. Lady Rouge (Arc September)

Let me know what are some books you are hoping to tackle this month! Tell me in the comments!

Later book lovers!

October Reading Wrap up Part 1!!!

So I had such a great reading month and want to share part one of all the books I tackled this month! Thanks to NYCC and some days off, I did get alot of reading done! So lets dive into part 1!

End of September!!!

  1. Kingdom of Ash (Time Warp YA book Club) 4 Stars (audibook)
  2. Serpent and Dove (Arc September) 5 Stars
  3. Time Sight (Arc April) 3 Stars
  4. Roomies ( Romance Book) 3 Stars
  5. Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating (Romance book) 3 Stars
  6. Three Dark Crown Novellas (Short Story Collection) 3 Stars
  7. Sisters of Shadow and Lights (ARC November) 4.75 Stars
  8. The BabySitters Coven (New Release) 2.5 stars
  9. Keeper Of the Lost Cities NeverSeen (BBTL) 4.5 Stars
  10. Everless (Time Wrap YA book Club) 5 Stars
  11. Sam Saves the night (Arc October) 3.5 Stars

Highlight Reads:

  1. Serpent and Dove
  2. Sisters of Shadow and Light
  3. Neverseen

Disappointing Reads!

  1. The Babysitters Coven
  2. Josh and Hazel Guide to not dating (the ending)

Let me know your favorite reads in the comments!!

later book lovers!

October TBR!!

So I really hope the my reading flow keeps going into October. I normally love this month so much between both NYCC and just so many creepy books that I always try to read. I have been making much better progress on my Fall TBR as well, and I really am excited to see what I read this month and also see all the books I snag from NYCC!!

Time Wrap Ya book Club Books:

  1. Everless
  2. Sky in the Deep

Other Reads!

  1. Keeper of the lost cities: Neverseen
  2. The Hummingbird Dagger (Arc April 2020)
  3. Loki: Where Mischief Lies (Arc September 2019)
  4. The Good Thiefs (Arc August 2019)
  5. Winterwood (Arc November 2019)
  6. Tunnel of Bones (Owl crate Junior book)
  7. Sister of shows and light (ARC)
  8. The Map from here to there (Arc January 2020)
  9. The Bone Houses (Owl Crate book September)
  10. Two Dark Reigns ( Backlist Series)
  11. Archenemies (Backlist Series)
  12. The Beast (Arc October)
  13. Grace Year (Arc September)
  14. Grave Maidens (Arc December)
  15. Sam Saves the night (Arc October)

Let me know in the comments what is one book you are more excited to see me review. Also tell me what are some of your reads on your October TBR that you hope to tackle!

Later book lovers!!

September Reading Wrap up!! 15 reads!!!

I really had such a good reading month! I am super impressed with all the books that I read and was actually able to tackle quite a few of my planned fall reads!! So lets get into to it!

Time Wrap Ya Book Club Books:

  1. Ignite the Stars: 4 Stars
  2. Kingdom of Ash: 4 Stars

Other Reads:

  1. House of Salt and Sorrow ( Owl Crate) 4 stars!!
  2. The Paris Seamstress (Adult Read) 4 Stars
  3. Hunting Prince Dracula (Fall read) 4 Stars
  4. The Okay Witch (Fall read, Arc September) 3 Stars
  5. The Beautiful (Fall read, Arc October) 4 Stars
  6. The Vandbeekers to the Rescue (New Release) 5 Stars
  7. Ignite the Stars (Time warp book) 4 stars
  8. Pumpkin Heads (August Arc) 4 Stars
  9. The Mysterious Benedict Society (Backlist) 3 Stars
  10. The Mystwick School of Musicraft (Audibook) 4.5 stars
  11. Dead Voices (Audibook) 4 stars
  12. Deadly Little Scandals (ARC NOVEMBER 2019) 5 stars
  13. We Hunt the Flame (Owl Crate book) 3 Stars
  14. Sanity and Talluah: Field Trip (ARC October) 3.5 stars
  15. Kingdom of Ash (Time Wrap Ya book) 4

So tell me in the comments what was your highlight reads of the month in the comments!

My top reads of the month are:

  1. The Vandbeekers to the Rescue
  2. The Mystwick School of Musicraft
  3. Deadly Little Scandals

Disappointing reads of the month:

  1. The Mysterious Benedict Society
  2. We Hunt the Flame

Let me know in the comments what were some of your highlight reads of the month and what books you were able to tackle this month!!

Later book lovers!!

September TBR (Back To School I go!!)

So I have had such a fun two months off and I actually feel very recharged and ready to go to work and with my kids! I know I won’t read as many books as I read over the summer, but because I have planned a tad better I hope to have more time to read!

Time Warp Ya Book Club books:

  1. Kingdom of Ash
  2. Ignite the Stars


  1. Keeper of the lost cities: NeverSeen
  2. House of Salt and Sorrow
  3. The Downstairs Girl
  4. Modern Fairy Tales (book 1) Holly Black
  5. Gravemaidens
  6. We Hunt the Flame
  7. The Beautiful
  8. Serprent and Dove
  9. Lady Smoke

Let me know in the comments what are some books you hope to tackle this month! Tell me in the comments!

Later book lovers!!

Final August Reads!!

So I am not sure how many books I will tackle in the last week of the month! But I hope to tackle a few and get to 100 reads before I start school!

  1. Keeper of the lost Cities (Everblaze): 5 Stars
  2. Tower of Dawn: 5 stars
  3. Heir and the Spare: 3 Stars
  4. Tiger Queen: 4.5 Stars

Let me know in the comments what are some books that you tackled the in the last few days of this month!

Later book lovers!!

August Reading Warp up part 1!!

I had such a fabulous reading month and it was also my birthday month. I read some much longer books. But I overall enjoyed all my books that I read this month. I am still trying to savor all the summer moments before I got back to work, but lets see what I read and also check out my video below!

  1. Ninth House (ARC October 2019) 4 stars.
  2. Cinderella Dress (Beat the backlist challenge) 3 stars
  3. The Starless Sea (ARC November 2019) 5 stars
  4. American Royal (Arc September 2019) 4 stars
  5. Geeks and the Holy Grail (Arc October 2019) 4 stars
  6. Spin the dawn (July Owlcrate) 4 Stars
  7. The Belles (Beat the backlist challenge) 4 stars
  8. The Antidote: 3.75 stars
  9. Don’t Say a word (Arc September) 4 Stars

Some of my highlight reads of this part of the month was Spin the dawn and American royals and the Starless sea!

Let me know your top reads in the comments!

August TBR!!

I am so excited to be creating This reading list for the month of August. This month is also my birthday month and my last full month off, before I go back to work. I am so excited to see what books, I wind up reading this month! Here are some off my planed reads!

Time Warp Ya book Club books

  1. The Belles
  2. Tower of Dawn

General TBR!

  1. Ninth House (ARC October)
  2. The Starless Sea (ARC November)
  3. The antidote (Backlist Title)
  4. The Heir and the Spare (Backlist Title)
  5. The camelot code book 2 (Arc October)
  6. Serpent and Dove (arc September)
  7. Sadie (Audibook)
  8. The Beautiful (Arc October)
  9. Keeper of the lost Cities: Everblaze (Backlist Title)
  10. We Hunt the Flame (Owl crate book)
  11. Spin the Dawn (Owl Crate book)
  12. The Impossibility off us (Backlist)
  13. Morden Fairy tales: Holly Black (Backlist)

Let me know in the comments what are some books that you are most exited to read this month, or what books you are excited to see me review!

later book lovers!

July Reading Wrap up Part 2!!!

So The second half of the month was filled with readathons and vacations and my last month off before i have to start spending more time prepping for school!

Books I read!

  1. Keeper of the lost cities: Exile 4.75 stars (Backlist)
  2. Going off Script: New book 3.75 Stars

Start Of Reading Rush!!

  1. The Truth About Stacey (pg. 144) Challenge read a book in spot 3.5 stars
  2. Granted (pg.325) Challenge read a book with a non-Human main character 3.5 stars
  3. The Flash: Hocus Pocus (pg.220) Challenge: Book that is inspired by an movie or t.v show and a book you meant to read last year 4 stars
  4. The Start of me and you (pg. 376) Challenge: A title that has five words in the title. 5 stars
  5. The Wicked deep (pg. 308) Challenge read a author first book) 4.75 stars
  6. Memento (pg.82) Challenge: Purple on cover 3 Stars
  7. Aurora Rising (pg.250) Finished after readathon is over!!! 5 Stars

Rough Page Total: 1,705

End of Month:

  1. Legendary (5 stars) Beat the backlist Challenge!!
  2. Empire of Storms (4 stars)

I had such a great reading life for the last 2 weeks of the month! I really loved all the I read. Tell me in the comments what was your highlight read of the month! Mine was Aurora Rising and Legendary!

later book lovers!!