January TBR:

I always love creating my January Tbr. I always have such high hopes for my challenges, my goals any my TBR Plans. My major goal is that I hope to find more time to read and can focus more on my reading and less on the stress in my life! But lets get into the books I hope to read!

Time Wrap Book club:

  1. Truly Devious
  2. Thorne Of glass!!

General Tbr

  1. Dream Fall by Amy Plum (mystery)
  2. The Me I am meant to be (Contemporary)
  3. The Similars ( science Fiction)
  4. Never Contented Things (Fantasy)
  5. Evermore (Fantasy)
  6. Circle of Shadows (Fantasy)
  7. The burning Maze (Middle Grade)
  8. The Girl King  (Fantasy)
  9. The last life of prince Alastor (Fantasy)
  10. The light between worlds (historical fiction/ Fantasy)
  11. Every Last breath ( contemporary)

Let me know what books are you so excited to read this month!!




December reading wrap up!

So I def had a much better reading month then November. My life was just as busy but I think because I was better prepped It gave me more time to read/listen to books. I also helps I had like 11 days off :). I read so many holiday themed books this month and really  loved reading more this month. I am so happy that I got to 155 books and will def be seeing a lower goal next year 100 but I hope to read around 120 and 130. But lets get into what I did read this month! I chat about all these books in the video below:

What I read:

  1. Comics will Break your heart ( 4 stars) (arc)
  2. The Christmas Cake murder ( 3 stars)
  3. Snow in love  (3.5 stars)
  4. Carols in Chaos (3 stars)
  5. Nevermore: The trials of Morrigan Crow (4.5 stars) (beat the backlist challenge
  6. Slayer ( 4.5 stars (arc)
  7. The afterlife of Holly Chase (4 stars)
  8. Prince and disguise ( 3.5 Stars)
  9. The Assassin’s Blade (5 stars)

In the middle of:

  1. The sorcerer heir
  2. Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince

The Highs:

  1. Slayer
  2. The afterlife of holly chase

The Low 

  1. Carols on Chaos

Let me know what books you got to read this month and tell me what was your favorite books of the month!

later book lovers

December TBR!!

I have so many books I want to tackle this month and I am just motivated to read! I really hope work allows me from down time! I also have like a week and half off at the end of the month and hope to cram in as many books as I can before the end of the month!

Time Warp Ya book Club:

Thorne Of Glass (new series)  Join us!!

Prince in Disguise (Holiday themed book)

Tis the Season Read-a-thon   Watch Kirsten Video

Carols and Chaos (book with red on the cover)

Prince in Disguise (short book)

Snow in love ( Group book) (warm and cozy read)

Other books (Massive)

The Sorcerer Heir

The Resolutions and or Empress of all Seasons


Comics will break your heart

Light between words

The adventures Guild

The Revenge of Magic

Let me know what books you want to read this December or What books you want to see me review!

later book lovers!

November reading wrap up!!!

So I had a okay reading month. I actually tackled larger books and overall liked what I read! I def broke my reading slump this month and can’t wait to share my thoughts in the video bellow!


Little White Lies (arc)  4 stars*

Six of Crows:  3 Stars (book club book)  

A Lady Guide to Petticoats and Piracy ( 4 stars)

Mirage (book club book) 3 Stars

The Vanbeekers and the hidden garden (4 Stars)

The Magic Misfits: The Second Story (3.5 Stars)

This Mortal Coil ( 4 stars)

A curse so dark and lonely (4.5 Stars)

Crooked Kingdom (Audiobook)  ( 4 Stars) 


A Curse so Dark and Lonely

Little White lies

The Vanbeekers



Let me know what are some books that you read and loved this month!!

later book lovers!!!





November TBR!!

So as always I choose so many books and then change my mind, but here are the books I hope to read this month! Tell me in the comments what books you think I should tackle first!

Book club books!

  1. Crooked Kingdom
  2. Mirage

Other Books!

  1. Girls of paper and fire (arc)
  2. A lady guide Petticotes and Piracy
  3. Sadie (arc)
  4. The light between worlds (arc)
  5. The last life of prince alastor (arc)
  6. Slayer  (arc)
  7. The adventures guild
  8. Comics will break your heart  (arc0
  9. The revenge of magic  (arc)
  10. Archenemies ( arc)

Let me know what books you think I should read first or what books you want to read this month!

October Reading Wrap up!!

I had a much better reading month! I never read all that I want to. But I also broke my mini reading slump and actually read more books then I thought I would. I also listened to two audibooks and I am super excited to see what I read next month!


3 audiobooks and 7 physical books!

  1. Dragon watch ( 4 stars)
  2. Arlo Finch and the valley of fire (4 stars)
  3. Who thought this was a good idea (4 stars)  (audiobook) 
  4. The Reader (3.5 stars)
  5. This will only hurt a little (5 stars) (audiobook) 
  6. The devoring grey (arc review) (4.75)
  7. Four dead queens (arc review (3.75)
  8. Unclaimed baggage (3.5 stars)
  9. Six of crows  (3.5 stars)
  10. My Plain Jane (4.75 stars)


1. My Plain Jane

2. The Devouring Grey

3.  Dragon Watch


  1. The reader

Let me know what you read this month in the comments!!

Later book lovers!





September TBR!!!

So I have some awesome books planed to read this month. I am really excited to read them all and hope that I enjoy them all!

Book club Books:

  1. Children of Blood and Bone
  2. Ruin and Rising

Rest of my TBR:

  1. Ace of Shades
  2. The Art of Losing
  3. Light Years
  4. The explorers book 1
  5. Storm runner
  6. Magic Misfits: The second story
  7. Undead Girl Gang
  8. Contagian
  9. Echo Room
  10. Murder Trending
  11. Little White Lies

Let me know some books that are on your TBR this month!!

later book lovers!!

August reading wrap up!!

I really had a amazing reading month and enjoyed so many things that I read! I also enjoyed the various reading challenges and readathons that I Participated in!! I read so many things and listened to quite a bit! I am still finalizing job plans for the fall, but I am def curious to see how much I do read!

BookTube A THON Wrap up!!

video wrap up

  1. Wicked King (Comes out January 2019) 5 Stars Review*
  2. Since you’ve been gone (audiobook) 5 stars (BBLC)
  3. The Cheerleaders: (blog tour) 4.5 Stars
  4. Hocus Pocus The Sequel (3.5 stars) Arc Review**
  5. To all the boys I have loved before (4 Stars)

August Wrap up

6. Love and Luck (3.5 Stars)                                                                                                                       7. The Potion Diaries: Royal Tour: ( 4 Stars) (BBLC)                                                                       8. What If its us: (4 Stars)                                                                                                                             9. Fresh Ink (Anthology) 4 Stars                                                                                                     10. City Of Ghosts (arc) 5 stars)                                                                                                                                                                              11. Seafire (Arc) 4 stars                                                                                                                         12. Land Of Stories: Worlds Collide (Audiobook) (BBLC) 5 Stars                                                 13. Heart of Iron (OwlCrate) 5 Stars (PSRC)                                                                                                        14. Amulet (The Stone Keeper) (3.5 stars) (BTBLC)                                                                         15. Siege and Storm (BTBLC) (BOOK CLUB) 4 stars)                                                                                        16. Prince and The Dressmaker (Graphic novel) 5 Stars)                                                                       17. Fire and Heist (arc December) (4 Stars) (PSRC)

Let me know what the most exciting book you read this month!




Let me know your most exciting reads of the month for me it was def Wicked King and Heart of IRON!!

Later book lovers!!












Bout of book Readathon!! (Recap!!)

I def. did not do as well for this readathon but that is largely because I read longer books! But I really enjoyed all the things I read!! So lets get into it. I will chat about all these books in my end of the month reading wrap up!!!


  1. Seafire by Natalie C Parker (4 Stars)
  2. The prince and his dressmaker (4 Stars)
  3. Land of Stories: Worlds Collide (5 stars) Audiobook!!!
  4. Fire and Heist!! December (2018) 4 stars!!

In progress!!!

  1. Heart of Iron

I really enjoyed this challenge a lot. It was super fun and motivate me to read more and I like that a lot!!


let me know what you read during this challenge and if you had read anything fun!

later book lovers!

Bout of books readathon TBR!!

So I am either suffering from a cold, allergies or being exhausted and overtired… could be all three!! So i am taking it easy this week and wanted to participate in this read-a-thon all these books are massive but here is my TBR. I also need to finish a board game from a summer reading challenge so here are the prompts I rolled 🙂

  1. Seige and storm (read 6 chapters)
  2. Hyped book: Seafire
  3. All the Feels: Say you will remember me
  4. Dragons: Seraphina
  5. Summer: Twisted tale: Part of your world
  6. Free book: The prince and the dressmaker!!

Let me know what book you are most excited to see me review in the comments!

later book lovers!