June Reading Wrap up part 2!!

So here is the second half of the reads that I tackled in the month of June!!! Lets dive into it!!!

  1. Moment of Truth (2020 book) 5 stars
  2. Slay (2019 book( 3.5 stars)
  3. Cress (Audibook) 5 Stars
  4. The Princess will save you ( arc 2020) 5 stars
  5. Love Sugar Magic: Dash of trouble (BTBLC) 3.5 Stars
  6. Red White Royal Blue (2019 Book) 4 Stars
  7. Heart Stopper Vl 1 (Graphic novel) 5 stars
  8. Her Royal Highness (BTBLC) 3 Stars
  9. Leah on the off beat (BTBLC) 3 Stars)
  10. The Upside of Falling (2020 book) 3.75)
  11. Most Likely (2020 book) 4.75
  12. Dawn and the Impossible Three (GN) 3 Stars
  13. Kristy’s Big Day (GN) 3 Stars

Fav Reads!!

  1. Moment of Truth
  2. The Princess will save you
  3. Heart Stopper
  4. Most Likely

Not My fav!!

  1. Leah on the off beat!!

Let me know what are some reads you tackled this month in the comments!

July TBR!!

So here is my massive TBR for the month of july. I will also be participating in some reading challenges that I will chat about later in the month!!!

Time Wrap Ya Book club books:

  1. Winter
  2. ????


  1. Lobizona (e-arc August)
  2. More than maybe (e-arc July)
  3. I hope you are listening (e-arc September)
  4. The Lost City (e-arc July)
  5. The Vanderbeekers lost and found (e-arc september)

Other Books

6. Chain of Gold (2020 book audio) 7. Keeper Of the lost cities: Legacy (BBLT) 8. A Song of Wraith and Ruin (Arc June 2020) 9. Diamond City ( Arc January 2020) 10. Set Fire to the Gods (Arc August 2020) 11. Cinderella is Dead (Arc July 2020) 12. Unravel the Dusk (Arc July 2020) 13. House of Dragons (2020 Book) 14. Kissing Lesson (2020 Arc) 15. What I like about me (2020 Arc) 16. Love Jacadra (arc 2020) 17. Leave your heart in San Fran (Arc 2020) 18. Above all else (Arc 2020) 19. The Upside of Falling (2020 book) 20. With the Fire on High (BBLT) 21. Throw like a girl (Arc 2020) 22. We are the WildCat’s (Arc 2020) 23. Yes No Maybe So (Arc 2020) 24. Time of our Lives (Arc 2020) 25. Witchy (Graphic Novel)

Let me know what are some books that are high on your july tbr!!

later book lovers!!

June Reading Wrap up part 1

Hi book Lovers!!!

So I am going to split this book wrap up into two parts because I read quite a few books this month. I actually had a pretty good reading month! I read over 20 books 🙂

  1. They Wish they were us (Arc August) 4 Stars
  2. Majesty (Arc September) 5 Stars
  3. Four Days of you and me (Arc May 4.5 Stars)
  4. Five Dark Fates (BBLT) 4.5 Stars
  5. Scavenge the Stars (2020 book) 3 Stars
  6. Say Yes Summer (Arc April 2020) 3 Stars
  7. More then Just a Pretty face (Arc August 2020) 5 Stars
  8. Hungry Hearts Anthology (BBLT) 4 Stars
  9. How To Love (BBLT) 3 stars
  10. From Twinkle with Love (BBLT) 4.75 Stars

Favorite reads!!

  1. Majesity
  2. Five Dark Fates
  3. Four Days of you and me
  4. From Twinkle with love

Less Favoite reads

  1. How to love
  2. Scavenge the stars
  3. Say Yes summer!

Let me know what are some of the read you tackled this month!!!

Later book lovers!

May reading wrap up! Adult and Ya reads!!!

So here are the other books that I tackled in May and some of the time wrap Ya books plus that I tackled.

  1. The Queens Poisoner (BBLT) 5 Stars
  2. The Assassin Apprentice (BBLT) 3 Stars
  3. The Sound of Stars (ARC 2020) 4 Stars
  4. Tale of the Shadow Hunter Academy (audiobook) 5 stars
  5. As old as time (TW Book) 4 stars
  6. The Shadow Between us (Arc 2020) 4.5 Stars
  7. Reflection (Twisted Tale) 3 Stars
  8. Bone Crier Moon (Owl Crate book) 4..75 Stars
  9. The Mall (Arc August 2020) 4 Stars
  10. Love without Boarders (Audibook) 4 Stars
  11. Maya and The Rising Dark (Arc September 2020) 3 Stars

Highlight Reads:

  1. The Queen Poisoner
  2. Shadows Between us
  3. Bone Crier Moon

Reads that did not wow me:

  1. Reflection
  2. Assassin Apprentice

Let me know what are some of your non-middle grade reads that you tackled this week!

Later book lovers!

May reading Wrap up Part one!! Middle grade reads!!

So this month I read a lot of reads for the TBR and Beyond reading challenge. So lets dive into those reads!

  1. Seekers of the wild realm (July arc) 4 stars
  2. Zeus the Mighty (Arc 2019) 3.5 stars
  3. Black Bird Girls (ARC 2020) 4.5 Stars
  4. Ice Wolves (Audiobook) 4.5 stars
  5. Tale of Magic (Arc 2019) 4.5 stars
  6. The Babysitters club: Claudia and the Mean Janine (Graphic novel) 3 Stars
  7. Wings of Fire book 1 ( BBLT) 3.5 Stars
  8. Archimancy (Shadow School # 1) (arc 2019) 3.5 Stars
  9. The Unwanteds (BBLC) 5 stars
  10. Ghosts Squad (Arc 2020) 4 Stats
  11. A Royal Guide to Monster Hunting (Arc 2020)

Let me know what are some middle grades books you read recently, Or what you thought about these books in the comments!

Later book lovers!!

May TBR!! All the contemporaries complete!!

So I am trying to read all the contemporaries this month and here is my general tbr!!

Time Warp Ya book Club:

  1. Cress
  2. Middle grade pick???

Pride Books:

  1. Red White Royal Blue
  2. Leah on the Off Beat

Authors I have read before!

3. From Twinkle with love 4. Moment of Truth 5. How to love 6. Four days of you and me

New To me Authors

7. Keep my Heart in San Francisco 8. Say Yes Summer 9. Layover Land 10. Girls save the world in this one


11. Rise 12. Chasing Starlight


13. Scavenge the stars 14. House of Dragons 15. Five Dark Fates


16. Hungry Hearts

Let me know in the coments what are some books that are on your June tbr!

Later book lovers!

Top reads of the Spring (5 reads)!!

So I am starting a new feature on my blog and sharing the top five reads of each season so lets get into it!!

  1. Tweet Cute
  2. Queen of Air and Darkness
  3. Sisters of Sword and Song
  4. Verona Comics
  5. The Queens Poisoner

Honorable Mention: Shadows Between Us.

Books that did now wow me this season:

  1. Meet me at midnight
  2. The Secret Runners
  3. The Enigma Game
  4. Haven Fall

Let me know what are some of your highlight reads of the season in the comments!

Later book lovers!

April Reading Wrap up! Part 2! complete

So here are the final few books that I tackled in April and some of my new favorites for sure but also some books that did not wow me!

Books that I tackled!

  1. Once Upon a dream (BTBLC) 4 Stars
  2. Zatanna and the house of secrets (ARC 2020) 4 Stars
  3. Verona Comics (Arc April 2020) 5 Stars
  4. Ghosts of the Shadow Market (BBLC) 5 Stars
  5. All your Twisted Secrets (2020 Arc) 3 Stars
  6. Onyx and Ivory (BBLC) 3 Stars
  7. The Enigma Game (2020 book) 3 stars
  8. Cold hearted rake (BBLC) 4 stars (audio book)
  9. Words on fire (BBLC) 4 stars
  10. The blackbird girls (ARC 2020) 4.5 Stars

Highlight reads!

  1. Verona Comics
  2. Once Upon a Dream
  3. Ghosts of a Shadow Market
  4. Words on Fire

Disappointing reads:

  1. Onyx and Ivory
  2. The Enigma Game

Let me know what are some books your tackled this month in the comments!

Later book lovers!

April Reading Wrap up Part 1!!

I actually had a pretty good reading month mostly thanks to the whole social distancing lifestyle and also some readathons as well! I am going to chat through the first 9 books that I read!!

  1. Super Adjacent (ARC March 2020) 4 Stars
  2. The Secret Runners (ARC Aug 2020) 3 Stars
  3. Scarlett (BBLT) (Audiobook) 4.5 Stars
  4. Aru Shah and the end of time (BBLT) 3.75 stars
  5. Tales of Beetle and the Bard (BBLT) (Audiobook) 5 stars
  6. Sisters of Sword and song (Arc June 2020) 5 Stars
  7. Lucky Caller (2020 read) 4 Stars
  8. The Voyage of Frost Heart (2019 read) 4 stars
  9. The UnhoneyMooners (2019 read) 4 Stars

Some of my favorite reads of this month was:

  1. Sisters of sword and song
  2. Lucky Caller

Let me know in the comments what are some of you fav reads of this month!

Later book lovers!

March Reading Wrap up Part 2!!

So this month def took a darker turn in terms of world and safety but it actually was not awful for my reading life. So lets dive into half the books I tackled this month!

Time Wrap Ya books:

  1. Blood Heir

Other Reads!

  1. A Good Girl Guide to Murder (Arc 2020) 4.5 Stars
  2. Meet me at Midnight (Arc 2020) 3 stars
  3. Gotham High (ARC 2020) 4 Stars
  4. Queen of Air and Darkness (BBLC) (5 stars)
  5. The Devouring Gray (BBLC) 4. Stars
  6. Keeper of the lost Cities: Flash Back (BBLC) 4.5 Stars

Highlight Reads:

  1. A good girl guide to murder
  2. Queen of air and darkness

Let me know what were some of the reads you tackled this month was!

Later book lovers!