July Book Haul (Epic Reads Day and ALA Haul)

So Thanks to both free time, friends who went to ALA and some shopping and Epic Reads day. I have a massive book Haul for you all!!

Books From Epic Reads Day!!

  1. Serpent and Dove
  2. With the fire on High
  3. Last things
  4. Opposite of Always
  5. Shatter me
  6. Red Queen
  7. Let me Hear a Rhyme

Friends Ala Books (Thanks Guys!!)

  1. The Shortest Distance between Love and Hate
  2. The League of Secret Heroes Cape: Book one
  3. Finally Something Mysterious
  4. #MurderFunding
  5. The Survival List
  6. Dear Haiti love Alaine
  7. The good Thieves
  8. Shadow School
  9. Malamander
  10. The Whispering Wars
  11. Our year and love and Parties
  12. The Memory Thief
  13. Saving Fable
  14. Martin Mclean Middle School queen
  15. The Fowl Twins
  16. Deadly little Scandals
  17. The last Human
  18. The read Zone
  19. The Year we feel from space
  20. Friend or Fiction

I bought!!

  1. The Anatomical Shape of A Heart
  2. Legendary
  3. Pretenders
  4. The Morgans and the Jewel of Bar-Ran
  5. Mordern Farie Tales
  6. Red White Royal Blue
  7. Buffy High School Is Hell

Let me what are some book you picked up this month in the comments!

June Book Haul!!!!!!!!

Here are some of the books I got over the past two months! I am so excited to dive into these reads soon!

Book Haul!!

  1. Sweet Black Waves
  2. Going off Script
  3. The way you make me feel
  4. Only a breath apart
  5. The camelot code: the one and future geek
  6. Soul of the sword
  7. Morden Fairytales by Holly black
  8. Small town hearts
  9. The Camelot code book 2
  10. Sam Saves the night
  11. Wicked Fox
  12. Exile (keeper of the lost cities)
  13. Everblaze (KKLC)
  14. Neverseen (KKLC)
  15. LodeStar (KKLC)
  16. Nightfall (KKLC)
  17. Onyx and Ivory
  18. When we Caught fire
  19. The Heir and The Spare

Tell me what are some books you picked up recently in the comments!

later book lovers!!

Book Con 2019 Haul!!

So I was also lucky enough to be able to attend Book con this year! I really loved my time at book and was able to snag some awesome reads that will occupy my summer reading. I have attached a video bellow!


  1. Treason of Thorns
  2. Maybe this time
  3. American Royals
  4. There will come a darkness
  5. Candle in the wick

Let me know in the comments what reads you are most excited to see me review!

Later book lovers!!

Book Expo Book Haul!

I had a amazing time at Book Expo! I cam home with about 100 books and really loved spring time with my friends and having a bookish week. It was so much fun! I have attached my video!


  1. Riordan Presents books!! ( Race to the sun and Firekeeper)
  2. Ninth House
  3. A heart so fierce and broken
  4. The beast ( A dark deep novel)
  5. Beautful
  6. Storm Crow!!

Let me know in the comments what books you are most excited to see me review in the comments!

later book lovers!!

Book Haul!!

So I did attend the teen author festival in new york and did buy some books and see some friends and did some arc swaping and I wanted to show you all the books and arcs I know have to read!!!

The event was rather fun and I loved meeting so many authors!!!

Books I got!!

  1. Teen Titans: Raven
  2. TwinChantment by Elise Allen
  3. The Brief Chronical of another stupid heartbreak
  4. The Strangers by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  5. Summer of a Thousand Pies
  6. The Near Witch
  7. King of Scars
  8. The affairs of Poison
  9. The girl with the red balloon
  10. Love a le mode
  11. Bookish Boyfriend book 1
  12. Last of her name

Let me know your thoughts about these books in the comments!!

later book lovers!!

Book UnHaul Part 1!!!

So in prep for my massive week at BEA and book con, I am starting to unhaul some books from my collection!!! The video bellow, I chat through them all! Bellow are some of the highlights

Lets get to the unhauling

  1. Listen to your heart
  2. Devoring Grey
  3. I owe you a murder
  4. Nowhere but here
  5. Waiting for tom hanks
  6. Stealing Snow
  7. Ode and True
  8. Starflight
  9. Soundless
  10. We were Liars
  11. Everless
  12. The Unscripted Life
  13. Demigod Diaries

Let me know your thoughts on any of these books, Most of these books I really enjoyed, and just need some more shelf space.

Later book lovers!!!



Epic Reads day VLOG!

Sorry guys, I have been a tad under the weather. I also never posted my epic reads day blog from back in July ever and wanted to share it with you all! This event was super fun!

You will see clips from several authors and also get a sneak peak into the epic reads studios.

It was  a super fun day and  I really hope they do it again next year!

Holiday book Haul!!

I was really spoiled by my friends and family and also just me shopping this holiday season! i Chat about everything I got in the video below but here are some the books I am most excited to read in 2019!!

  1. Never Wake by Amy Plum
  2. Way of kings Part One
  3. Lulu the broadway mouth
  4. The afterlife of holly chase
  5. Time Castways: The Mona Lisa Key
  6. Crown of midnight
  7. Met the sky
  8. An assissan guide to love and treason
  9. The soul Keepers
  10. Two dark reigns
  11. Angel and Bavar
  12. Dragon Watch Book 2
  13. Novice
  14. Tower of Dawn
  15. How she died and how I lived

Tell me in the comments what book you got for the holiday season or what book you got most recently.

later book lovers

Top 2018 Books I still Need to read!!

So we all have massive  reading goals and here are some of the books that came out in 2018, that I just did not get and are on the top of my list for 2019!

  1. Check Please (graphic novel)
  2. ink Iron Glass
  3. Damsel
  4. Reign the earth
  5. Little do we Know
  6. The Diminished
  7. Life Like
  8. Runaways
  9. Speak Easy Speak love

Let me know in the comments what books you missed in 2018, that are high on your reading goals for 2019!

later book lovers!