Book Con book Haul!

I really had a great time at book con. The highlight for me was spending time with my bookish friends and also getting to meet cassandra clare! I will do a thoughts video later next week. This video does include some book I did get from BEA because I missed a pile but here is my Haul!


BEA HAUL Highlights!

  • Mamonth (Learner publishing)
  • A curse so dark and lonely
  • The last life of prosper redding
  • Sea Fire

Book con Highlights!

  • That not what happened
  • Girls of paper and fire
  • The art of lossing
  • Max Esentine 🙂
  •  The dark descent of elizabeth frankenstine
  • pride

Let me know what books you think i should tackle first!

later book lovers!!





Book Expo Book Haul 2018 Part 2!

So here are some of the highlights!!!


  • The darkest Legacy
  • The light between worlds
  • Imprison the sky
  • Any man
  • Echo Room
  • Devil Thief
  • Escaping from Houdini
  • Dry
  • Little white lies
  • Part of your world: twisted tale

Tell me in the comments what books I should dive into first!

later book lovers!


Pre Book Expo Book Haul!!!

Hi book lovers,

I had a crazy week, So I am posting most of my Haul videos this week! I will have more content by the weeks end. I am going to book singing tomorrow so I hope to have more time for reading then today. Today I was mostly cleaning all day! Here is my video of my pre-book expo book haul including blogger con and wed of Bea!


Book Highlights!

  • Sadie
  • The girl King
  • The Me I am meant to be

These are some of the books I got from my Pre-book con experience!!

Later book lovers!


Book Haul!

So Here is what will be my final book haul before BEA AND book Con




  1. Rise of Fire
  2. Fall of the innocent (Comes out in june)
  3. Bring them your hearts
  4. Every heart is doorway
  5. Down among the sticks an and bones
  6. Stary eyed (anthology)
  7. devil in the white city
  8. Life Like
  9. Once upon a dream (twisted tale)
  10. I will always write back

Let me know what book you think I should tackle first in the comments!

Later  Book Lovers!


Book Haul!!!

I have been doing pretty good on my book buying ban! but here are the books I recently got or received from publishers!


  1. Heart of Iron
  2. Shadow Call
  3. Bright burns the night (arc)
  4. Listen to your heart
  5. Ozland
  6. The Wicked Deep
  7. tell me three things
  8. The sweetest kind of fate
  9. Reign the earth
  10. dreaming dangerous
  11. Sam and Isla last Hurrah
  12. This is me!
  13. Obessio 🙂

Let me know in the comments what book you think I should read first!

later book lovers!