2019 Goals Check In the Good , The Bad and The Ugly!!

So this is my favorite time of year!! I love to check in on the goals that I made at the start of the year and see how much progress I made and If I found success. So lets get into it!!


  1. Check out my Official Stats Video on New Years Eve!!
  2. I was able to meet my blog goal and got past 200 people!! I did not make my youtube goals or Instgram goals but my numbers did go up!
  3. Goal: I listened to at least 12 audiobooks! Success: I actually went over this goal and listened to at least 16 books
  4. Goal: I wanted to get better at organizing my blog, Instagram and youtube channel and giving you more consistent content!! Success: I think that overall I was much more successful and having constant content on all my various platforms.
  5. Goal: I participated and completed in the Beat the Backlist Challenge, TBR and Beyond Channel and the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge!! Success: This was a split goal because I did complete Beat the backlist and Pop sugar but I struggled to follow the TBR AND beyond challenge!
  6. Goal: Read more 2019 releases, Read books from the library as you take them out and read owl crate books in a more prompt fashion. Success: I found success in all these goals but especially reading more 2019 books and catching up on my Owl Crate reads as the books come out!
  7. Goal: Use my Kindle more!! Not a Success: I did not use my kindle more and I really need to use it more in 2020.
  8. Goal: Find a new home for at least 50 books. Success: I was actually able to find a new home for more than 75 books so far this year.
  9. Goal: To read a decent amount of my BEA AND NYCC books this year! Success: I was able to complete this goal!!
  10. Goal: Buy only two books a month minus my Owl Crate box. Not a Success: I am going to say I did not complete this goal but I also did not keep the best records to officially say.
  11. Goal I wanted to read Five 2018 Owl Crate Previous books. Sort of a Success: Out of five reads I was able to read three!!
  12. Goal: Diversity in the Genres that I read. Success: I found this a total success and did much better this year! See my Sates for official numbers.
  13. Goal: Be better about not stressing about reading. Sort Of Success: I say I did get better at this for the most part but I still did struggled with it at the end of the month and rushing to finish books.
  14. Goal:Complete Harry Potter book 7 Not a Success: I have only got up to chapter 10 but I may finish it by the 31, only time will tell 🙂
  15. Goal: Complete ShadowHunter Cannon: Sort of A Success: I did finish Lady Midnight but no other reads!!
  16. Goal: Complete my Top ten Reading list Not a Success: I failed so bad at this, need to try to keep better records in 2020.
  17. Goal: Start and complete my series lists Not a Success: I really forgot I made them, I really need to work on keeping better records for 2020.
  18. Goal: Using my TBR Cups to encourage my reading. Nope: I failed so bad at this, but TBR carts and random number generators were more helpful!!

Let me know what are some goals that you completed this year and tell me what goals that you did not complete! Lets chat about in the comments!

Later book lovers!