Recap 2018 goals (the good, the bad, the ugly)!!!

So lets be honest!!! I did okay in my reading goals but not great! Lets first review my 2018 goals video!!!

2018 goals video!!

My Recap end of 2018!!

*if the goal has a + next to it I would say I accomplished it* ūüôā

*If a goal has a – next to it, I would say I did not accomplish it* ¬†ūüė¶

Goals I Made!

My States for this year!

152 books * May add a few the last week* Would love to get to 155*

14 audiobooks!!!

Blogging Goals:

225 follows for YouTube

165 for my blog

421 on my instagram!!


  1. I totally failed in the global read of HP but really want to finish book 6 by the end of this year + –
  2. I stoped keeping track of what books I got rid of, I need to keep better track this year. –
  3. Avoid buying books +-
  4. I did actually use the library more in 2018 go me!! I just need to read the books in my more timely fashion!
  5. Find new homes for 50 books ++
  6. Owl crate past books  +                                                                                                                *did not read sandcastle empire Р                                                                                                   *I did read glass spare +                                                                                                           *Foolish hearts +                                                                                                                         *Hearts that we sold +
  7. Complete Pop sugar reading challenge + only missed 8
  8. Beat the backlist challenge I read 56 books! +
  9. Cinda william chima read along failure –
  10. I did not finish the harry potter lexicon –
  11. Finish shadow hunter series –
  12. Rick Rirodan Series catch up –
  13. Totally failed in using my TBR Jar again ūüė¶
  14. Book Shelf System -+






My most Disappointing reads of 2018!!

So I don’t normally do this list, but I want to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you guys. So lets get into the books that let me down this year and I will chat about them all in the video below and also describe my brief thoughts bellow!

  1. Rebel With a Cupcake by Anna Mainwaring


Thoughts: This book just did not wow me. I felt like the book had some really good topics  but overall did not deliver the story in a way that was compelling to read. I just did not feel emotionally connected to the characters and felt like the plot did not have tension to compel it forward or even make it intreating. I wanted a book like Moxie and this book just feel flat for me.

2. Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert


Reasons: I really wanted to love this book. I overall did like the concept of it, but really struggled to connect to the characters and also really struggled with the writing style. I have said before that I often struggle with connecting to unlikable characters. I felt like I had a hard time connecting to them. I am still going to check out book 2 in this series but this book between the writing style, characters just was not my favorite of the year.

3. Daughter of a Burning City  by Amanda Foody


Reasons: This is another book that I could just not get into the writing style and that caused me to feel un connected to the characters and also the plot. I struggled to keep engaged in this book and the mystery was lackluster and really did not capture my attention. I am excited to read more by this author in the future but this book did not capture my attention and is why it is on this list.

4. Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen


Reasons: This was my first ever Sarah Dessen book and I was let down. I normally like to read books as they are published. I really did not feel connected to the characters. I also was not super invested in the romance. I thought the friendship plot was unique but overall the storyline and the plot did not compel me to keep reading and this book was only 250 pages. I am hopefully that other Sarah Dessen books i read will click with me better then this one.

5.  Grace and Fury: Tracy Banghart


Reasons There is a one massive reason this book is on this list and that is the ending. I overall enjoyed how this book was mix between selection series and also the hunger games. But the ending twist really ruined the book for me, because I have seen it before in other YA series. I will still be reading book 2 and just hope they take the twist in a unique direction.

Let me know in the comments what are your least favorite reads of the year and tell me if you agree with any of my choices!

later book lovers!



Top 8: Contemporary, thrillers, graphic novels and non-fiction books! I read in 2018!!

So because I read more then just fantasy and science fiction books here are the top 8 books I read in the rest of my genres! I really hope to read more of these books in the new Year and I will talk about more of that in my 2019 plans! But I hope you enjoy my thoughts and also the video bellow!

  1. Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills


Reasons: I read this book while I was knocked on my but with the Flu. This was the december owl crate book and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was adorable fun read that focused on friendship and theater and those are two of my favorite things. I really loved the friendships that were developed in this novel and so many different types of friendship. I read this book so fast and remains one of my favorite contemporary reads of the year!

2. More then we can tell by  Brigid Kemmerer


Reasons:  This is def. a more emotional contemporary reads that I read this year. I really loved Rev in this series and just love the both main characters in this story. I thought the plot handed many issues that are some common in everyday life like slut shamming, secrets and of course love. I really found this book to a compelling read. I was equally invested in both characters. I really grew to love the character of Rev and really loved the romance and also the tie back to the characters in letters to the lost! I really hope we get a book 3 in this series!

3. Not if I save your first by Ally Carter


Thoughts: I thought this book was the prefect mix between a survival story, a president son and also a adventure/ thriller story. I flew through this book and was so invested in both POV. I really loved the relationships and especially logan and maddie. I also liked how the there were flashbacks as well. I flew through this book and really loved it. I would love to see another book featuring these characters.

4. Spies Lies and Allies by Lisa Brown Roberts


Reasons: This book was one of my most surprising reads of the year. I went into this book excited but this book just made me so happy. This book follows a lead character who always wants to spend more time with her dad and unexeepctyly winds up working at her dad office, working with the interns who are working to win a scholarship and this book was the prefect friendship book. It also had hints of romance but just exploring all the characters in this book was so much fun. I really loved this book and this book easily made me laugh and cry. I normally love book about internships and jobs and this book met all my critters! I have to check out her backlist soon!

5. Save the date by  Morgan Matson


Reasons: I have waited two years for this book and boy was it worth the wait. I really loved this book. It is now high up on my favorites book. I loved how this whole book took place over a weekend at a wedding and the drama that occurred. This book focused so much on family dynamics and also a lot about self discovery and it had hints of romance as well. But this family dynamics was the highlight of this novel. I really loved this book and found it to prefect summer read!

6. I will always write back by Caitlin and Martin


Reasons: This non-fiction book blew my mind. I really can not say enough good things about this book. I really shows you how much friendship, compassions and being a good person can really change someone life. This book made me cry and laugh and really felt to me like YA novel even thought this book is totally real. I can not rec. this book enough and I never heard it for before i saw it on at bookstore and highly rec it to you.

7. The Prince and the Dressmaker by  Jen Wang


Reasons:¬†I don’t often read graphic novels, but this one was a such a adorable read. I was equally invested in both the storyline and the art style. I really loved the storyline and especially the relationship between the prince and the dressmaker. This book had so many elements of diversity and overall both made me cry good and bad tears! I adored this book and really can’t wait to read more by Jen Wang!

8. Broken Things by Lauren Oliver


Reasons: This book was such a refreshing read. I found it to be a prefect mix between pretty little liars and gone girl. I really loved how eerie and creepy this book was. I loved the various time lines we were exposed to in this book. This story was super compelling. This book struck a good balance between a thriller and maybe even hints of the world elements. I found this book to be super compelling read.

Let me know in the comments what are some of your top reads in these categories!!

later book lovers!!






Top Ten Fantasy and Science Fiction books of 2018!!

So I experienced (listen and read) to at this posting 152 books this year. I had such a good reading year! I want to share with you the top ten books I read focusing on Fantasy and science fictions novels! I am chatting about this in the video bellow and will share bellow what made them stand out to me!

  1. Cruel Prince by Holly Black


Reasons: I was immediately captured by both the world building and the characters and found the twists in this book to be so shocking. I really adored this book and found it to be such a fast pace read. I think the world was the stand out to me and also the plot shocks!

2. Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings


Reasons: I found this world building to be a super fun read. I thought the plot was super compelling and found the various types of characters to be super fun to read about. I enjoyed the various POV characters that we had and really loved how focused this was on female characters.

Honorable mention: Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

3.  To a Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo


Reasons:  This book was def a standout of the year. I was so captured by the world and also the characters. I was equally invested in both POV. I loved the Romeo and Juilet elements of this story and found it to be super fun read. I thought it was also a strong standalone novel.  I really hope this author writes more in the future.

4. Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian


Reasons:¬†This book was focused on such a unique heroine and I really loved this book. This book was really focused on the political drama and to me had hints of lost princess story that I normally adored. This book was such fun read. I was really captured by all the characters. This book is def a slow burn story but so well done. I really can’t wait for book 2!

5. Obsidio by Kaufman and Kristoff


Reasons:  This book was a Prefect conclusion to the series. The one thing I adored about this book was how it had a prefect balance of focusing on the new characters that we met but also completing the story for the other four characters. The formate of this book was also the highlight and really stuck with me. I hope more books are created in this formate. This book def made me toss it across the room several times, but I really loved it and found it be awesome read and a great conclusion.

6. Magnus Chase and The ship of the dead by Rick Riordan


Reasons : I thought this book was a solid conclusion to the series. I really loved how this book gave moments to shine to all the side characters. I also loved how this book connected back to the percy jackson characters and the appearances that we saw. I really thought the ending and the story was such a fast pace read and really loved the storyline and the characters. Overall, I thought this book was super diverse read and found it to be really good read and def hope we see these characters more in the future.

7. WildCard by Marie Lu


Reasons:¬†I found this book to be such a solid conclusion to the series. I felt this book really expanded the world building and just the world in general. I thought the plot in this book was even more interesting ¬†then plot in book one. I really loved the “game” elements that was featured in this book. I really was captured by this book and also found this book to be so diverse in the best way possible. This was a book that was able to end the series but also in the theory could easily open up a another series set in the same world!!

8. Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken


Reasons: I could not wait for this sequel book to the darkest mind series. I was so excited for a book set in Zu mind and boy was I not let down. I really loved this book. I loved seeing Zu as a lead character. The mystery was so fast pace and I really loved the tie backs to the older characters and the new characters that we met. I found this book to such  a great read and really hope alex falls back into this world again because she easily could.

9.  The Wicked King: Holly Black


Reasons: ¬†This book was another AMAZING BOOK!! I can’t wait for you guys to get to read this book. This book was another game changer in this series. I really enjoyed this book. I really loved how the world building became even more intense in his novel. The relationships between these characters again was a standout. The ending and the wait I must now wait for it EVIL!! AND REALLY NEED BOOK 3 NOW! But this book is one off my top reads of the year!

10.  The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman


Reasons: I found this book to be fast pace read. It is def a creepy read and one that I was easily captured by. I really enjoyed this read and found it to be nice mix between stranger things and raven boys. I thought this book had limited romance but am excited to see if we get any romance in future books. I really enjoyed this this read and hope you will consider checking it out in April!

Let me know in the comments what are your top fantasy and science fiction reads of the year and tell me why in the comments!