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My name is Laura! I proud hufflepuff and a leo! I am avid reader. In my “real” life i am inspiring theater teacher and theater technician. I just finished my third degree  and am enjoying some free time before I start job hunting. I will pretty much read anything but I love YA and middle grade books the most. My favorite series of all time is Harry potter! I also love going to conventions and also love working out and collecting funkos and books! I am book blogger from long island.



Hi, my name is Sarah Sciamatore. I am a letter carrier for the post office ( so I get paid to work out). I  am also a Ravenclaw and a Scorpio. Besides an enjoyment of reading, I also like to hike, watch book tube, playing with my Yorkshire terrier and spending time with friends especially when we are book buying 😊( I have no will power)My interest in books is very eclectic, I will read almost anything from YA to horror the only thing I shy away from is sci if because I worry the tech talk will go over my head.  I tend to read more fiction but will occasionally pick up a interesting nonfiction as long as it is not too dry. I am happy Laura is giving me an opportunity to try blogging. Please have patience all as I am a newbie. Can’t wait to read all your comments .