May reading wrap up! Adult and Ya reads!!!

So here are the other books that I tackled in May and some of the time wrap Ya books plus that I tackled.

  1. The Queens Poisoner (BBLT) 5 Stars
  2. The Assassin Apprentice (BBLT) 3 Stars
  3. The Sound of Stars (ARC 2020) 4 Stars
  4. Tale of the Shadow Hunter Academy (audiobook) 5 stars
  5. As old as time (TW Book) 4 stars
  6. The Shadow Between us (Arc 2020) 4.5 Stars
  7. Reflection (Twisted Tale) 3 Stars
  8. Bone Crier Moon (Owl Crate book) 4..75 Stars
  9. The Mall (Arc August 2020) 4 Stars
  10. Love without Boarders (Audibook) 4 Stars
  11. Maya and The Rising Dark (Arc September 2020) 3 Stars

Highlight Reads:

  1. The Queen Poisoner
  2. Shadows Between us
  3. Bone Crier Moon

Reads that did not wow me:

  1. Reflection
  2. Assassin Apprentice

Let me know what are some of your non-middle grade reads that you tackled this week!

Later book lovers!

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