TTT: Reasons You are a book lover!

So here are the top ten reason that you know you are a book lover!!!

  1. You have a massive book collection that you always try to find more space for.
  2. Your two favorite activities are either book shopping or reading and you are not embarrassed about that.
  3. You plan your vacation days around your book conventions so you can be there with bells on every year.
  4. You plan your time at bookish conventions like it is tactical mission with lists, schedules and plans.
  5. Authors learn your name and your life story if you go to enough of their events.
  6. Your tbr changes so many times in a month it is hard to keep track of list.
  7. Your goodreads goal is big part of your planning for the month and year.
  8. You feel like you know book tubers on a deep level cause you watch them so much even if you never met them.
  9. So many of your friends are book lovers that you have met at conventions and you love that.
  10. You will wait on lines for arcs, swear it will be the first book you read and years later it is still on your tbr.