What I am reading Monday!

This week was my “spring break” in teaching, so I had more reading time but that turned into less listening time. But it was also the week of the reading rush read-a-thon and it was super fun! but lets get into it!

What I finished reading!

I really enjoyed how this story fleshed out the characters. I also loved this twist and found it be such a fun read and loved learning more about the sleeping beauty story. Will def read more by this author series in the future.

What I am currently reading!

I am loving this romeo and Juliet inspired read that has to do so much with comics!

What I want to read next!

I am super excited to dive into this read soon. It has been on my tbr for so long!

What I am listening too

I am loving catching up on this world and love seeing the characters in QOAD again!

Let me know what you are reading this week and what are your plans!

Later book lovers!