What I am reading Monday!

I actually had a pretty good reading week. I was able to tackle two strong reads and a few listens. I think I am getting used to working from home and getting into a better system. So lets get into it!

What I finished reading!

I really adored this read. I really liked how this book had a greekish inspired story. I loved the quest elements and both characters. I def want to read more by this author in the future.

What I am currently reading!

Yay I am so excited to dive into emma miles newest read!

What I want to read next!!

I am really excited to dive into another book in this series i did not love the latest one. but hope I like this one more.

What I am listening too!!

I am loving the collection of short stories! Very much!

Let me know what are your reading plans this week!

Later book lovers!