The Unmapped Chronicles (book 1) (non-spoiler review)

Tunnel Of Bones by Abi Elphinstone

Published by   Aladdin (January 7, 2020)

Genres: Middle Grade , Adventure

Pages: 304

Format: arc

Source: publisher

2020 challenge: 2020 book

I would give this book 5 for a review.


From bestselling author Abi Elphinstone comes a wondrous new series about four secret unmapped kingdoms hidden in our own world! 

Casper Tock hates risks and is allergic to adventures. So it comes as a nasty shock to him one day when he hides from bullies in an ancient grandfather clock—and ends up finding an entire world inside.

Casper discovers that this sky kingdom of Rumblestar is one of the four Unmapped Kingdoms in charge of controlling the weather in Casper’s own world. What’s more, Casper is now stuck in Rumblestar, and the only person there who doesn’t think he’s a demon spy is a strange girl named Utterly, who hates rules and is allergic to behaving.

All Casper wants is to find his way home, but Rumblestar is in trouble. An evil harpy called Morg is trying to steal the magic of the Unmapped Kingdoms. And if these kingdoms fall, Casper’s world will be destroyed as well.

And so, together with Utterly and her miniature dragon, Arlo, Casper embarks on a quest full of cloud giants, storm ogres, and drizzle hags. Can he, Utterly, and Arlo—the unlikeliest of heroes—save both their worlds from the clutches of Morg?

My Thoughts:

I really adored this book. From the first page I was hooked. I really love casper as a lead. I also adored how this world was crafted. This book was a pure adventure and i could not put it down. I loved how this book dealt with unique topics like friendship, being brave and compassion In a unique fantasy world. I thought casper was special hero that I loved reading from. I loved this world and really am so excited to read more in the future.