March Reading Wrap up Part 2!!

So this month def took a darker turn in terms of world and safety but it actually was not awful for my reading life. So lets dive into half the books I tackled this month!

Time Wrap Ya books:

  1. Blood Heir

Other Reads!

  1. A Good Girl Guide to Murder (Arc 2020) 4.5 Stars
  2. Meet me at Midnight (Arc 2020) 3 stars
  3. Gotham High (ARC 2020) 4 Stars
  4. Queen of Air and Darkness (BBLC) (5 stars)
  5. The Devouring Gray (BBLC) 4. Stars
  6. Keeper of the lost Cities: Flash Back (BBLC) 4.5 Stars

Highlight Reads:

  1. A good girl guide to murder
  2. Queen of air and darkness

Let me know what were some of the reads you tackled this month was!

Later book lovers!

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