March Reading Wrap up Part one:

So this month def took a darker turn in terms of world and safety but it actually was not awful for my reading life. So lets dive into half the books I tackled this month!

Time Wrap Ya book club books:

  1. Obseido: Five star read

Other reads

2. Seven Deadly Shadows (2020 book) 4 Stars 3. Keeper of the lost cities (NightFall) (BBLC) 4 Stars 4. We Could be Heroes (2020 Arc) 3 stars 5. Lord of Shadows (BBLC) (BBLC) 4.5 Stars 6. Fiery Trial (BBLC) 5 Stars) 5 Stars 7. Tweet Cute (2020 book) 5 Stars 8. Admission (2020 Book) 3.5 Stars 9. A Heart so Fierce and Broken (2020 book) 4.5 Stars

This a part one of my reads for March 2020!

Some of My Top reads were:

  • Lord of Shadows
  • Tweet Cute
  • Nightfall
  • A heart so fierce and broken!

Check out part two of this video later in the week and let me know what are some books you were able to tackle in march!

Later book lovers!

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