What I am reading Monday!!!

So this week has a been a bit rough. I am not going to lie. This virus is quite scary and everything is shutting down. I hope it will eventually give me some time to tackle some of my reads but lets get into it!

What I finished reading!!

I found this “rip from the headline” book to super compelling and I really did like it. I loved the concept of this novel. I just wanted a bit more out of the characters and the romance as well. I did like the structure of this read as well!

What I am currently reading!!

I am so ready for read to capture my attention and this one seems like the one for me!

What I want to read next!!

I have heard some good things about this read and really hope that I enjoy it!

What I am listening to!

This is a super long read but one series I am really enjoying!

Let me know in the comments what are some of your reading plans for this week!

Later book lovers!!