March tbr (complete TW)

So this is the month that is blessing and Curse. It is awesome for my show prep that we have no days of the whole month of march but sadly it is less thrilling for my reading life. But I do have a massive amount of books on my tbr! I really tried to break out of my reading comfort zone and add some new genres to my TBR!!!

Time Warp books:

  1. Illumanie Flies Book3

Other Reads!!

  1. Keeper of the lost Cities NightFall (BBLT) (Middle Grade)
  2. HavenFall (Arc 2020)
  3. Scavenge the Stars (Owl Crate January)
  4. The Voyage of FrostHeart (2019 read) Middle Grade
  5. A heart so Fierce and Broken (ARC 2020)
  6. The Night Country (Arc 2020)
  7. A good Girl Guide to Murder (Arc 2020)
  8. Ghost Squad (Arc 2020) Middle Grade
  9. Admission (Arc 2020)
  10. We are the Wildcats (ARC 2020)
  11. Sisters of Sword and Song (ARC 2020)
  12. Bone Crier’s Moon (Arc 2020)
  13. The Library of the Unwritten (BBLT)

Here just some of the books I will be pulling from for my March tbr!!

Share what are some books you hope to read in the comments!

Later book lovers!

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