BookMas: Top Ten 2020 Contemporary Reads I am excited for!!

So I am staring to plan the 2020 books that I am so excited to read in 2020!! Lets get into them! I will list them all below and also chat through them in the video below!!

  1. Meet me at Midnight by Jessica Pennington
  2. Echoes Between us by Katie McGary
  3. Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer
  4. Chasing Lucky by Jen Bennet
  5. Lucky Caller by Emma Miles
  6. The Girls Saves the world in this one by Ash Parsons
  7. We used to be friends by Amy Spalding
  8. Hearts, Heroes HeathHall by Kasie West
  9. Layover Land by Gabby Noone
  10. Yes, No, Maybe so by Becky Ab
  11. New Morgan Mathson book.

Let me know what are some of your most highly anticipated contemporary books for 2020 in the comments!!

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