January TBR

So I love to make long tbr and see what books I am actually able to read! I have so many books that I want to tackle in 2020 and also to be less stressed about the number of books that I want to read! So here are the books I am pulling from for this month!

Time Warp Books:

  1. Warrior in the wild
  2. Illumanie

Other books!!

  1. Namless Queen (2020 Arc)
  2. A heart so Fierce and Broken (2020 Arc)
  3. The Demon King (Beat the Back list Challenge)
  4. Rage (Beat the backlist challenge 2019)
  5. Shadow Frost ( Beat the backlist Challenge 2019)
  6. NightFall (Beat the backlist Challenge)
  7. What to say next ( Beat the backlist Challenge)
  8. All the stars and teeth ( 2020 Arc)
  9. A queen in hiding (2020 arc)
  10. The Unmapped chronicles (arc 2020)
  11. Rise (Beat the backlist challenge 2019)
  12. Blood Countess (Arc 2020)
  13. Chosen (Arc 2020)
  14. Lady Rouge ( Beat the backlist challenge 2019)
  15. There will come a darkness (beat the backlist challenge 2019)
  16. Five dark Fates (Beat the backlist challenge 2019)
  17. Seven deadly Shadows (Arc 2020)
  18. Keystone (Arc 2020)
  19. Quinevere Deception (Beat the backlist challenge 2019)
  20. Infinity son (Arc 2020)
  21. Soul of Stars ( Beat the backlist challenge 2019)

Let me know in the comments what are some books you are excited to tackle this month!

Later book lovers!

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