December Reading Wrap up!!!

So I actually had a rougher reading month this then I normally do. I did read larger books and also tackled quite a few reads on my top ten reads of the year! I also was able to meet my reading goals for the year!! But Lets get into what I was able to complete reading in the last month of the year!

  1. 10 Blind Dates (Arc) (Re-read) 5 Stars.
  2. Love and Other Train Wreaks (Beat the Backlist Challenge) 3 Stars
  3. The blood Spell (2019 book) 4 stars
  4. Arch Enemies (Beat the back List Challenge) 4.5 stars
  5. Keeper of the lost Cites: LodeStar: (Beat the Back List Challenge) 4.5 Stars
  6. Heart, Strings and Other Breakable things (2019 book) 3 Stars
  7. Fireborne (2019 Arc) 4 stars
  8. Echoes Between us (2020 Arc) 5 Stars
  9. Circle Opens: Magic steps (beat backlist) 2.5 Stars
  10. This is our story (Backlist) 4 Stars
  11. Well Met (2019 book) 4 Stars
  12. Deathly Hallows (5 Stars)

Highlight Reads

  1. Keeper of the lost Cities: Lodesar
  2. 10 Blind Dates
  3. Echoes between us

Disappointing reads:

  1. Love and other Train Wreaks
  2. Heart Strings and Other breakable things

Let me know what are some reads that you were able to complete in this month!!

later book lovers!!

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