BookMas: Reading Goals for 2020!!

So this is the blog post and video I really loved making every year! I love planning goals and trying my hardest to complete them in a year time!! I am going to focus on both my challenge goals and also my general goal! In the video bellow, I will chat through them all!!


  1. I will be participating in the a. Beat the Backlist challenge ( 50 books) b. GoodReads challenge 100 books (150 books) c. Pop Sugar Challenge, TBR and Beyond, Little Inkling challenges.

Other Goals:

  1. Professional Goals: Blog: 150, Youtube:300, Instagram:500 *followers*
  2. Read at least 12 audiobooks a year and my Challenge goal is to listen to two audiobooks a month.
  3. Find Homes for 100 books that I have read
  4. Read 50% of my NYCC books and BEA books by BEA 2020.
  5. Complete the Secondary Harry Potter Cannon
  6. Read At least 3 different genres every month.
  7. Complete 2020 booklists and use my planners.
  8. Complete the Cinder Williams Chima Canon and Tamora Pierce Cannon.
  9. Try and read on my Kindle more
  10. Read at least 10 books that are not young adult and middle grade and 5 graphic novels.
  11. Do a true 24 hour read-athon.
  12. Complete my Challenges
  13. Be less stressed to complete books by the end of the week or month!!

Let me know if you are making reading goals in 2020! Tell me in the comments what are they!!

Later book lovers!!

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