Official Yearly Stats 2019!!!

So here are my complete yearly reading stats for 2019!! I will link my video bellow where I go through them all in greater detail!

  1. Book Read: 156

I also did several lists that broken down my reading so lets get to the specific numbers and lists:

  1. Backlist titles novels: 68
  2. Books I found a new home for: 87
  3. 2019 books: 67
  4. Mystery books: 17
  5. Halloween themed books: 10
  6. Fantsay: 37
  7. Middle grade: 31 books
  8. Historical Fiction: 2
  9. Contemporary reads: 40
  10. I completed 12 Owl crate books between 2018 and 2019.
  11. I completed 16 audiobooks.
  12. I read 8 graphic novels
  13. I read four women fiction novels.

I feel like I read more widely and diversely this year and I am so excited to see what 2020 brings! I am so excited to start 2020 right with some awesome reads!!

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