BookMas Day 3: Fav New Authors to me in 2019!!

So I have read about 150 books this year and I have found so many new authors. I tell you some of the standout authors that I will de try to read more books of in 2020!! I will chat through this list in the video below!!

Fave New Authors to me in 2019!

  1. Laura E. Weymouth: I read The Light Between worlds and really enjoyed it!.
  2. Ashley Elston: I read both the Lying Woods and 10 blind dates and found them to both be super fun reads and they both are high on my top reads of the year.
  3. Lizzy Mason: This another new authors that really struck me and I really enjoyed this hard hitting contemporary read. I found it to be super well crafted read!
  4. Maurene Goo: I actually read two books by this author and enjoyed both of them. I really found them to be fun fast pace reads that just put a smile on my face! I need to complete more of her books in 2020.
  5. Emily Wibberley and  Austin Siegemund-Broka: I really enjoyed this writing duo in 2019. I not only liked the stories but also really enjoyed the romances as well and I am looking forward to more stories by them in 2020.
  6. Rin Chupeco: I read an early copy of her book Wicked as you Wish and I was blow away by this read and loved the fairytale themed novel. I def want to read Rin other series in the future.
  7. Kalyn Josephson: I was super impressed by this political themed fantasy novel. I thought this story was super fast pace and really loved the characters as well. I am dying for the sequel.
  8. Shea Ernshaw : I read both The wicked deep and also WinterWood and overall love both her mysteries and a creepy setting. I adored The Wicked deep and am excited to see future books by her.
  9. Annie Sullivan: This is a author that I simply adored her book. I loved both the setting and the characters and found her story to such a solid standalone and felt like it was such a solid read and really hope to read more by this author in the future.
  10. Shelby Mahurin: I really loved her book and found both characters, setting and time period to be super compelling, I am dying for book 2!
  11. Shannon Messenger: I am loving this Keeper of the lost Cities series, I am really adoring both the characters and the setting and the world, i hope to catch up on this series soon.