Series I Finished and Up to date on!! (BookMas Day2)

So I really enjoy recaping the year in my bookish life!! So this will be a two part post saying the book series I have completed in 2019 and also the series I have “caught up on”. So Lets get into it!!

Book Series I completed in 2019!!

  1. Everless Series by Sara Holand I have to say I preferred book one to this series overall. I thought the pacing was choppy in book two but I overall really did enjoy this series.
  2. Throne of Glass By Sarah J Mass: I had some mixed thoughts about this series but I overall did like this series. I think I mostly preferred the first several books in this series but my favorite book was Tower of Dawn overall!!
  3. Circle of Magic Series by Tamora Pierce I really did enjoy this series. I really did love all these characters and found them to be super fast pace reads and I overall really loved the world building in this series. I hope to start the other series in 2020.
  4. Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes This series was so well crafted and I really wish I wish I read these books closer together but overall I adored this tightly wound series and really loved both the mysteries and the characters!
  5. Queen of Nothing: This series is one I really enjoyed and found the ending to be super satisfying as well. I really did enjoy this conclusion!!
  6. The last life of Prince Alastor: I did not love the end of this series. I was not as invested in the plot of book two but I did enjoy the end of the book.

Series I am Caught up on!!

  1. Arlo Finch and The Valley of Fire Series: I am super excited for the last book in this series. I rather enjoyed both previous books and am excited to see what happens next!
  2. The Camlot Code Series: I really did love this king arthur inspired book series. I read book one and two back to back and overall was impressed with them, I am curious to see if we will getting more books in 2020!
  3. Geekerella: I did read both books in this series and did enjoy then both. I think book one was the standout, but I am excited to see what characters we get next are!.
  4. If I am being Honest Series: I love this companion series and loved how they take shakesperian stories and reflect them in modern teen-age life. I found both books to be super compelling to read and am so excited for book 3!
  5. Hometown Antihero Series: I did read the second book of this series last year, I did like this book, but I did not love it. I am still crowing to like the main character but am interested in the other characters and the mysteries to keep reading.
  6. The Vanderbeekers Series: I really loved this book so much and loved both the story but also how the characters are growing and changing, it is rare to find a middle grade series, that reflects real life and I am loving this series so much, excited to see where this book series goes next!
  7. Dead Voices series: I am caught up on this mystery series and overall really enjoyed this story so much more then the first book in this series. I really loved both the characters but especially the setting. I am looking forward to the other books in this series as well.
  8. Sanity and Talluah Series: I loved the first graphic novel in this series, but felt that book two had too many plot elements to keep me fully engaged and I missed the structure of book 1. I will def keep reading, cause I am very found of the characters.
  9. The Start of me and You: I am so loving this series so much. I really am hopeful this series becomes a trilogy because I want to see how these characters end their high school years!! Fingers crossed.
  10. The Trials of Apollo: I am so invested in this series, I liked book four a bit less then the Buring maze, But I am super exited to read more of this series in 2020!!

Let me know what are some books series that you either completed in 2019 or Series that you are became caught up on in 2019!!

Later book lovers!!

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