December TBR!!

So I can’t Believe I am typing this post. I have so many books that I would love to tackle before the end of the year. I am also going to participate in a version of Book Mass for the last two weeks of the month! I also hosting a readathon for the whole month! Check out wed for that post!! Here are all the reads I would love to tackle this month!!

  1. Keeper Of the lost Cities: LodeStar (BBLC)
  2. Conceal, Don’t feel (New release)
  3. Sawkill Girls (New Release)
  4. Fireborn (New Release)
  5. This is our Story (BBLC)
  6. Blood Witch (2019 book)
  7. Wonder Women (BBLT)
  8. Say you will Remember me (BBLT)
  9. A Heart So Fierce and Broken (Arc Jan 2020)
  10. Archenemies (BBLT)
  11. Finale (2019 Book)
  12. Meet me at Midnight (Arc March 2020)
  13. Echoes Between us (Arc Jan 2020)
  14. Circle of Magic (Magic Steps) (BBLT)

Let me know what are some reads, you hope to tackle this month, to conclude this year!

Later book lovers!

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