Time Sight (Non-Spoiler review)

Time Sight by Lynn Joel

Published by  Henry Holt and Co. on May 14, 2019

Genres: Middle grade, adventure

Pages: 416

Format: arc

Source: publisher

2019 challenge:

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I would give this book 3 for a review.


Castles, battles, the ancient Scottish Highlands, and a boy who is determined to bring everyone safely home combine in this absorbing middle grade time-travel adventure.

Will’s mother is in danger overseas, and his father must find her, so Will and his little brother are packed off to relatives in Scotland. Will feels useless. He can’t save his mother. He can’t help his father. And when he tries to amuse his brother on the plane ride, he can’t even locate the images in Jamie’s book―the hidden pictures that everyone else can see. Once at the family’s ancestral castle, though, Will tries again. And as he delicately adjusts his focus, suddenly his eyes tune in to a different visual frequency―the past.

Looking back five hundred years is interesting . . . at first. But when Jamie impulsively leaps through the opening in time, Will and his cousin Nan must follow, into a past so dangerous that Will isn’t sure how he will get everyone safely home.

My Thoughts:

I really did like this middle grade read. I really did love the dynamics between the siblings made the book such a fun read. I also loved how she crafted time travel overall. The plot was sometimes hard to follow and I sometimes was confused about what time period we were in but overall it was super fun adventure story that pulled a lot from real history that I really enjoyed. I found the book plot to be not as smooth as want and wanted it do more direct but I did grow to love the characters and I adored the settings in this read.

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