TTT: Changes in Reading Life!!

So I am back with another top ten tuesday. Today we are chatting about some of the changes I have noticed in my reading life. So lets get into them!! I also chat through them in the video below:

  1. I am more adventurous in my reading life.

2. I am making more time for reading during the week, better life and fun balance.

3. I am reading more adult books which is shocking to me.

4. I am also reading more adult contemporary books.

5. I am getting so much better at reading my book box books on time month to month.

6. I am getting better at rating book harder then normal.

7, I have DNF books this year.

8. I have workout more this year due to my audiobooks listening.

9. I have had a better reading life balance with genres then last year.

10. I have relaxed with my reading so much more.

Let me Know what are some changes you have noticed in your reading life, tell me below in the comments!

Later book lovers