What I am reading Monday!!!!

I just did not make as much reading progress last week as I had hoped. I had read a lot of longer book and they did not always keep my attention. But lets review my reading plans and what I did recently read!

What I finished reading!!

I found this to be a fun read, and liked the large cast of characters and found the mystery to be a super fast read. I liked the mystery element and would def read more books in this series in the future.

What I am currently reading!!

This another of the owl crate books That I am trying to tackle before the end of the year. So far it is We all look up with a science fiction twist! I am liking all the POV’S

What I want to read next!!

I hope to start tackling some of NYCC reads and this is one of my first reads I hope to tackle!

What I am listening to!!

I am in the middle of both Cinder and also hope to start Evermore soon!

Let me know your reading goals for this week in the comments!

Later book lovers!

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