October Reading Wrap Part 2!!!

This reading wrap up focused on the the various halloween themed reading challenges that I participated in these challenges and I had some success and read some fun creepy reads!!!

  1. Tunnel of bones (New Release) 4 stars
  2. Winter Wood (Arc November) 4 stars
  3. MoonCakes (New Release) 4 Stars
  4. Malmander (Arc September) 3 stars
  5. Mind Games (Arc August) 4 stars
  6. Nancy Drew Files # 1 (NYCC Purchase) 3 stars
  7. Wicked Fox (2019 Book) 4 stars
  8. Sky in the deep (audiobook) 4 stars
  9. The Bone Houses (Owl Crate) 4 stars
  10. The Map form here to there (Arc January) 4.75

Let me know in the comments what were some of the books your tackle at the tale end of this month!

Later book Lovers!!

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