November TBR!!

So I am so excited to dive into some exciting reads both from BEA and NYCC for my reads this month! I am hope to be able to tackle all these reads this month!

Time Wrap YA Book Club:

  1. Evermore
  2. Cinder


  1. Archenemies (BBLT)
  2. A Heart So Fierce and Broken (Jan. 2020 Arc)
  3. Queens of Animation (Non-Fiction)
  4. LodeStar (BBTL)
  5. I hope you get this message (OwlCrate October 2019)
  6. Season of the witch (Arc BEA)
  7. The Map for here to there (Arc Jan 2020)
  8. The Criers War (Owl crate October 2019)
  9. Bwitched (ARC NYCC JULY 2020)
  10. Chosen (Arc NYCC 2020)
  11. Two Dark Reigns (BBLC)
  12. Blood Countess (ARC 2020)
  13. Rise (Arc Bea)
  14. There Will Come A darkness (ARC September)
  15. Lady Rouge (Arc September)

Let me know what are some books you are hoping to tackle this month! Tell me in the comments!

Later book lovers!

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