Authors New to me in March and April 2019!!

So I started doing this series earlier in the year and with my wonka show, I failed to keep you guys updated. So I am going to catch up and go over all the new authors read and my thoughts about them and would I read there books again.

Author List:

  1. Laura E. Weymouth: Really enjoyed her read and was able to get arc of her new book at BEA!!
  2. Crystal Smith: I loved this book and def consider buying the finale copy, especially if she comes to NYC for a tour, but I will def be reading the next book in this series!
  3. Jenna Marie Thorn: I would deff read more by this author in the future, but I would prob get her books from the library unless the concepts of her books are super compelling.
  4. Gloria Cho: This is another author that I liked her book. Loved the diversity and would prob wind up getting this book from the library or borrowing a copy. This book was not my favorite but i loved the diversity of this read.
  5. James Riley: This author was one that let me down a tad. I felt like hist world building could have been a bit stronger and wanted more from this story but i will be def getting book 2 from the library to keep reading and see what happens, book 1 i always forgive especially in a new series.
  6. P.G Bell: Again this book did not wow me, and this book was also not what i expected The premise and characters did not wow me. So in the future i would prob get the other books in the series from the library or borrow them.
  7. Nicki Paul Preto: I was immediately captured by this book and i REALLY loved this book. I will def be hunting for early copies of this book and may even buy a finished copy for my collection. This book was super unique and I really loved the various POV characters.
  8. Katie Cotugno: I enjoyed this read, I did not love the way this book was executed but I loved the concept of the book and focus on friendship. I will def read more by this author in the future either through renting or the library.
  9. Tamera Ireland Stone: I would def read more by this author in the future. I would be more likely to borrow or get these books from the library especially if they are contemporary themed. Her books are hard hitting but i would not be likely to re-read them.
  10. Tracy Deebs: I want to love this book more then I did. I felt like the execution of this book was a bit weak and also it was hard to feel connected to the all the characters because they are not developed strongly. I may read the summary before deciding if I would read more by this author in the future.

Let me know in the comments who are some authors that were knew to you in the comments and what did you think of them!

Later book lovers!