July Reading Wrap up: Part 1!!

So I actually had a rather impressive reading month. So I had to split into two parts. This mostly because of my massive amount of free time and also all the new things I had to read!!

What I read!!

  1. Wicked as you wish: 4.75 star Read: Arc Comes out March 2020*
  2. Love A La mode: 3 stars: beat the back list.
  3. The Baby sisters club: Kristy great Idea: Graphic novel # 1: 4 Stars: New Release*
  4. The Tea Dragon Society: 4 Stars: Beat the Backlist Challenge
  5. Maybe this time: 4 Stars: New Release*
  6. The Once and Future Geek: 4 Stars: Beat the Backlist Challenge*
  7. 10 Blind Dates (Arc, Comes out October) 5 Stars*
  8. The Unicorn in the barn: 3 stars: Beat the Backlist title
  9. I’f I am being honest: 4.75 Stars: New Book*
  10. Storm Crow: 4.75 New Book *
  11. Geekerlla: Audibook: Re-read: 5 stars*
  12. Tarnished are the stars (Arc comes out October) 4 stars*

Highlight Reads Off The month!!

  1. Wicked as you Wish
  2. The once and future Geek
  3. 10 Blind dates
  4. I’f I am being honest
  5. Geekerlla
  6. Storm Crow

Reads that Did not wow me!

  1. Love al la mode
  2. Small town Hearts (DNF)

Tell me what are some books you read this month and tell me yours in thoughts in the comments!

later book lovers!

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