Reading Rush Tbr!!

So I am super excited to be able to participate in this year reading rush Read-athon or formally know as Booktube-Athon.

I really am excited and hope to compete these challenges. I hope to also do a reading vlog for this week and I hope to complete all the challenges. Some of these books Have been on my TBR for awhile.


This event goes from July 21 to July 28th.

Here is my TBR connected to the challenges!

Purple on the cover: Aurora Rising

Read a whole book in the same place: The Truth about Stacey

Book I meant to read Last year: Sadie

First book by an author: The Wicked Deep

A non-Human Main Character: Granted

Adaptation / Watch: Suspicious Minds

Book with five words in the title: the start of me and you and or Keeper of the lost cities: Everblaze

Let me know what is your TBR is in the comment. I really enjoy this week every year and hope to get a lot of reading done!

later book lovers!

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