Mid Year Freak out Tag!!

So I normally do this tag every year because it makes me take stock of my reading and make plans for the second half go the year!

  1. Top Books Of the Year:

a. Wicked As you Wish and Sorcery of Thorns b. 10 Blind Dates

2. Best Sequel!! a. The Burning Maze

3. New Book that is out that you need to read!!

a. The Modern Fairy tales by Holly Black b. We Hunt the Flame

4. 2nd Half the the year most anticipated

a. The Tyrant Tomb b. The Guinevere Deception

5. Disappointed Read

a. Famous in a Small Town

6. Book the Surprised me

a. Always Never yours and The Lying Woods

7. Fav New Author

a. Austin and Emily (Always never Yours) and Ashley Elston

8. Newest Crush

a. Hayden The Fill in Boyfriend

9. Cry!!!

a. Sal and Gabs Break the Universe

10. Happy

a. 10 blind dates

11. Pretty book

a. Soul of the Sword

12. 3 books I must read by the end off the year

a. The Beautiful, Serpent and Dove and Grace Year

Tell me some of your answers in the comments!

later book lovers!

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