Top 15 books I got From Book Expo!!!

I had an amazing time at book expo and took home so many great books form this conventions. I was able to check most books of my list and really loved the experience of getting them. I have featured all these titles on my insta. I really loved my experience and hope all these books become some of my favorites in the future.

I chat about these books in the video below!

Top Books Of the con!!

  1. Serpent and Dove
  2. Project Middle School
  3. Race to the sun
  4. A Heart so Fierce and Broken
  5. Tarnish the stars
  6. Wicked as you wish
  7. Cursed
  8. 10 blind dates
  9. Rise
  10. Beautiful
  11. The grace year
  12. Rage
  13. Tiger Queen
  14. The Map from here to there
  15. The Beast

Let me know what are some books in the comments you are most excited to see my thoughts on!

later book lovers!!

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