What I am reading Monday!!

Oh guys! It has been awhile. My time, my energy and my emotions have been taken over by my production of Willy Wonka! I have read so few books recently and really had no time off, but this week is super exciting for two reasons, It is the “unofficial” start of summer, my show is over and I get to read again and I am attending BEA and book Con this year yay!

Once my show is over I started reading again!! so lets see what I read recently!

What I recently read!!!

I liked this book, I did not love but I thought it was a intreating thriller that I hope gets a second book!!
I really liked this read!!! I thought it was such a unique novel, with a thriller twist!
I really liked this book and found the diversity to be so fun, I thought this was such a prefect summer read!!

This is def my favorite read off the month! I really loved it. I thought it was prefect summer read. If you enjoy K pop, you would love this read!!

What I am currently reading!!

I picked this book earlier in the month, and put it down, but so far I am liking it!

What I want to read next!!

I am heading to Bea so here are some of the potential shorter reads, I may read while I am there

These are just some of the shorter graphic novels on my list that, I might pack and try to tackle at the con!!

Let me know what you are currently reading or what you hope to read this week!
later book lovers!!

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