TTT: Favorite Couples In Books !!

I love making this list every year and here are my top favorite couples in books! If you have been following me for awhile this list is no shock but some surprises did make the list from last year read!

  1. Hermonie and Ron: Harry potter!
  2. Simon and Izzy Shadow Hunters
  3.  Lola and Cricket: Lola and the boy Next door
  4. Cress: Cress and Thorne
  5. Gemina: Hanna and Nick
  6. Beth and Ryan: Dare you too
  7. The Unexpected everything: Andi and Clark
  8. Long way home: Violet and Chevy
  9. Darkest minds: Liam and Ruby
  10. Prince and the Dress maker: Prince and Dressmaker!

Let me know what are some of your top favorite couples are in the comments!!

later book lovers!!!


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