TFW: Nostalgic Ships

So going back in time. To when I was much younger. Here are the ships That I wanted so badly to sail or ships that Just made my heart happy!! Lets get into! I did film a video for you. Don’t mind my voice 🙂 I am recovering but my voice is not awesome! So thanks for bearing with my voice!

  1. Ron and Hermonie ( They were the first couple that captured my heart and I had to wait  so long for that kiss, and it was totally worth it, but this wait was long boy)


2. Izzy and Simon ( This ship was one that took a while for me to be invested in because I really wanted Simon with Clary, but I really grew to love this couple)


3. Lola and Crickett


This was one of the first YA romances that captured my heart. I really adored these two characters so much. I felt super connected to both leads and just was so invested in this romance.

4. Beth and Ryan (Dare you too)


This again was one of the first romances that I really wanted them to get together and I read this book so fast. It was also one of the first books that i read that was done in duel POV and I learned I really liked that style of novel.

5. Percy and Annabeth


I really enjoyed this couple as well. I was always rooting for this couple and I did not have to wait as long as the harry potter series for them to get together. But I really loved this couple and their dymanics.

Let me know in the comments what are some of your couples that you first enjoyed!!

later book lovers


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