February books I am excited for!!

Here are some of the february books that I read early and my brief thoughts and my star ratings! You can find full reviews on my blog closer on my blog or they will be posted soon!

Books I read early

  1. Four Dead Queens: 3.5 stars*

Thoughts: a compelling read but not something that wowed me. I would rec. you rent or borrow this book before you purchase it*

2. Comic will break your heart* 4 stars read

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this fandom themed Romeo and Juliet novel. I really liked both POV and found it to be a cute read! I would rec this read if you like geekerella or fangirl!

Books I am excited for!! (Authors I read before)

  1. Blood Spell by C.J Redwine
  2. Bloodwitch
  3. Ladysmoke
  4. Fame fate and the first kiss
  5. Warrior of the wild
  6. Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee
  7. The Last Life of Prince Lester
  8. Honor Bound
  9. That’s Not What I Heard
  10. The Shores Beyond Time
  11. Superman
  12. Arlo Finch and the lake of the moon

New Authors to me:

  1. The Cerulean
  2. We set the dark on fire by Tehlor Kay Mejja
  3. Stolen time by Danielle Rollins

Let me know if any of these books on on your february TBR!!! Let me know your non-spoiler thoughts if you read them!

later book lovers!!



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