What I am reading monday!!

Well i had a rather good reading week for the last week of January. I was able to get so much reading/listening done. My voice still sounds terrible but I hope to be able to film so more videos for you this week. My voice is not my best, but I feel so much better!

What I finished reading!


I really enjoyed this read. I read a majority of this book in one siting. I really liked the duel POV and the way this book was structured and the world building of this novel. I would give this book 4 stars for review.

What I am currently reading!!!


I am so super excited to get to be reading this book and finally getting to meet Scarlett and Jesse! I hope I love them!!

What I want to read next!!


This is another romance/ or heavy contemporary. That I am super excited to get a chance to read this month!

What I am listening too!!


I am finally going to finish the first part of this series this month!

Let me know in the comments what are some of your books you want to read this week!

later book lovers!!


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