What I am reading Monday!

Well last week I came down with a bad sinus infection and lost my voice completely. I only went to work two days and just was not feeling my best. I got alot of reading done however and today even ventured to book event. I am sure this week, I will get less reading done but hopefully I will feel much better!

What I finished reading!!


This book was a book a got from last year blog bound. It was a contemporary read that I flew through! I wish I felt more connected to the characters but I thought it was fun read but it did not wow me.

What I am currently reading!!


I have never been the biggest fan of Anime but this book is really making me want to dive into this genre a tad more. I am really loving the structure of this book and also the characters. I hope to finish this book early next this week!

What I want to read next!!


This is another quick contemporary read that deals with harder issues and I am super excited to dive into his read!

What I am currently listening too!


I am really loving this quick listen and am happy I am reading more books by this author!

Tell me in the comments what are you favorite book for last week or what you hope to read this week!

later book lovers!!


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