TTT: Top Ten Middle Grade Reads I want to read in 2019!!

So one of my goals in 2019 is to read more of the types of genres on my shelves and a massive gener on my shelves is middle grade!  I am super excited to tackle these books!

  1. The World Greatest Detective
  2. The Revenge of magic ( march)
  3. The Dreaming (October)
  4. Time Castaways: The mona lisa Key (September)
  5. Angel and Bavar (November)
  6. The Magicians of Elephant County (October)
  7. The Adventures Guild
  8. Wizards of Once
  9. The Keeper of lost Cities
  10. The Libary of ever (April)
  11. Granted (Febuary)
  12. Sal and Gabi Break the universe (March 2019)

Let me know your thoughts about these novels or if you are excited to hear my thoughts on them!

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