Holiday book Haul!!

I was really spoiled by my friends and family and also just me shopping this holiday season! i Chat about everything I got in the video below but here are some the books I am most excited to read in 2019!!

  1. Never Wake by Amy Plum
  2. Way of kings Part One
  3. Lulu the broadway mouth
  4. The afterlife of holly chase
  5. Time Castways: The Mona Lisa Key
  6. Crown of midnight
  7. Met the sky
  8. An assissan guide to love and treason
  9. The soul Keepers
  10. Two dark reigns
  11. Angel and Bavar
  12. Dragon Watch Book 2
  13. Novice
  14. Tower of Dawn
  15. How she died and how I lived

Tell me in the comments what book you got for the holiday season or what book you got most recently.

later book lovers


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