TTT: Books I still need to Read from BEA!!!

So here are the top ten books I still really want to read from last year BEA. I am so sad that I did not get to read then yet, but I am really excited to get to read them in early 2019!

  1. Storm Runner ( September)
  2. Phantom wheel ( October)
  3. Girls of paper and fire (november)
  4. The war outside (september)
  5. Light Years (october)
  6. The Light Between worlds (October)
  7. Sadie (September

2019 books

  1. Dragon Pearl (January)
  2. The me I am meant to be (January)
  3. The girl king (January)
  4. The last life of prince Alastor (february)
  5. Never contended things (March)

Let me know yours thoughts on this books in the comments, or if you are excited to read these book in 2019!

later book lovers!


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