2019 Reading goals!!!

So I really love making my reading goals every year and love to see how many I can accomplish! Lets see what Plans I have for this year!

Goodreads Goals:

  1. 150 books
  2. 12 audiobooks 🙂

Book Blogger goals:

  1. I would like 200 followers on my blog!
  2. I would like 400 followers on my book tube channel give me a follow
  3. I would like 1,000 followers on Instagram  give me a follow

General Goals

  1. Be more reading and blogging organized and use my Magical Monthly planner.
  2. Read 50 back list books (beat the backlist challenge)
  3. Participate in the TBR and beyond and pop sugar reading challenge this year (check out my videos early next month)
  4. Read and donate 50 books/arcs.
  5. Read more then half of my BEA and NYCC books
  6. Try and only buy 2 books a month (not including owl crate)
  7. Try and read 4 backlist owl crate books and stay up to date on 2019 owl crate books.
  8. Expand my reading tasts (Contemporary, Non-fiction and thriller)
  9. Listen to one audiobook a month
  10. Don’t rush my reading, it should be fun.
  11. Complete deathly hallows
  12. Complete the shadow cannon 🙂
  13. Complete top ten books I want to read and also my series I want to catch up on!
  14. Pick one book out of my TBR Jar each month!

I love making goals and I really hope I am able to follow all of these goals! Tell me your own goals in the comments

later book lovers!



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