2019 TBR and Behind Challenge!!

I am in this group on facebook and really want to join this challenge!! Lets see how I do!!

  1. A book from a author that has done a live chat in the group:   Girls of paper and fire.
  2. A book rec. to from a adm form the group:
  3. A book picked by a group member:
  4. Buddy read a book with a group member:
  5. A book most anticaptied realse of a TBR mod or adm:
  6. A 2018 read fav read from a mod or adm:
  7. A book that has been blurbed by your favorite author:
  8. A book from a author that you want to met:  Breath by Katie McGary
  9. A past group read that you did not read:
  10. A book from a author not from the USA:
  11. A book with LGBTQ main character:
  12. A book written originally in a language other then english: Ruby red
  13. A YA novel no romance:  A Dark Duet:
  14. A book picked up because of the cover:
  15. A book you normally would have not picked up because the cover:
  16. A book you owned the longest: The night circus
  17. A book included in a susbriction box: Girls of Paper and fire 
  18. A book recommend by a librarian: Speak easy
  19. A required reading book from school:
  20. A banned book:
  21. A book on your TBR the longest: The book thief
  22. A issue book/message: The resolutions
  23. A book written in verse:
  24. A graphic novel: Check please
  25. Good reads less then 3.5
  26. Finish the last book in a series
  27. Audiobook
  28. A YA book written by a male author
  29. A book with food on the cover or in the title
  30. A book under 200 pages
  31. A book with a mid series cover change
  32. A book that has been or will be adapted to t.v show or movie: