My most Disappointing reads of 2018!!

So I don’t normally do this list, but I want to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you guys. So lets get into the books that let me down this year and I will chat about them all in the video below and also describe my brief thoughts bellow!

  1. Rebel With a Cupcake by Anna Mainwaring


Thoughts: This book just did not wow me. I felt like the book had some really good topics  but overall did not deliver the story in a way that was compelling to read. I just did not feel emotionally connected to the characters and felt like the plot did not have tension to compel it forward or even make it intreating. I wanted a book like Moxie and this book just feel flat for me.

2. Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert


Reasons: I really wanted to love this book. I overall did like the concept of it, but really struggled to connect to the characters and also really struggled with the writing style. I have said before that I often struggle with connecting to unlikable characters. I felt like I had a hard time connecting to them. I am still going to check out book 2 in this series but this book between the writing style, characters just was not my favorite of the year.

3. Daughter of a Burning City  by Amanda Foody


Reasons: This is another book that I could just not get into the writing style and that caused me to feel un connected to the characters and also the plot. I struggled to keep engaged in this book and the mystery was lackluster and really did not capture my attention. I am excited to read more by this author in the future but this book did not capture my attention and is why it is on this list.

4. Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen


Reasons: This was my first ever Sarah Dessen book and I was let down. I normally like to read books as they are published. I really did not feel connected to the characters. I also was not super invested in the romance. I thought the friendship plot was unique but overall the storyline and the plot did not compel me to keep reading and this book was only 250 pages. I am hopefully that other Sarah Dessen books i read will click with me better then this one.

5.  Grace and Fury: Tracy Banghart


Reasons There is a one massive reason this book is on this list and that is the ending. I overall enjoyed how this book was mix between selection series and also the hunger games. But the ending twist really ruined the book for me, because I have seen it before in other YA series. I will still be reading book 2 and just hope they take the twist in a unique direction.

Let me know in the comments what are your least favorite reads of the year and tell me if you agree with any of my choices!

later book lovers!



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